Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pass The Platter, Please....

Do you have one set of dishes or many?

Some people fall into the "one set only" category. When I serve meals, having a variety of dishes to choose from is preferable. Like some people love shoes or purses, I enjoy collecting plates. The only problem is running out of room in the pantry to store them.

One set of dishes with light purple flowers against gray have stamps on the backs that read, "Made in Occupied Japan." Found them in a Goodwill Store. Another set has cascades of roses around their edges. Once a wedding gift in the 1920s, they belonged to the grandmother of the person we bought them from. The cups are so thin they are almost transparent when held up to the light. Quite delicate, they came with large platters, too.

Since we recently remodeled our kitchen in yellow and blue, a couple of matching sets of dishes in those colors have been added. Talk about variety!

Then, on a "treasure hunt" in Savers, one of my favorite "thriftie" stores, a bright blue and yellow pitcher and covered casserole both caught my eye. The latter is from Portugal. They really look cheerful and appealing!

Even though they don't "match" perfectly, they are extremely attractive and look great in our recently remodeled kitchen!

For very special occasions, we use Old Country Roses dishes. These have been loved forever. But how they came to our house is a story for another blog!


diane stetson said...

Very pretty Susan...Your house is big so you can fit lots of stuff in it including your many collectables and dishes. I'm sure you consider yourself lucky and blessed. xo

Diane said...

I want to be rrtat gorgeous doll on the right of your screen (lol). Loved the photo's!

Rebecca said...

My sister has these colors in her kitchen. THey are so clean and cheerful! I really like the pitcher and casserole.

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