Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner, Then Lunch, Out on the Town

One of the best parts of visiting a new area is eating out.

Trying new dishes as well as ordering long-time favorites is all part of the fun. While in Stonington, CT, recently, my sister and I asked several people where we could get good seafood. The village, after all, is a seaside locale. Almost everyone we asked said to go to the Water Street Cafe.

Luckily, because the weather was face-freezing cold, the restaurant was within walking distance of the Inn at Stonington where we stayed. The cafe opened at 5 p.m. so we had to kill about 45 minutes. We perused in a few of the shops that were open. One thing is very evident. Prices of things in Stonington are not cheap. Oh no, no, no. One blouse for $100-plus or a tiny bag for $132? That's about a week's grocery bill around our house. But it was fun looking.

Finally, at 5 p.m., we made our way to the Water Street Cafe. Our young waiter was pleasant enough and agreed to give us salad with balsamic dressing in place of French fries with our beer battered haddock. The salad portion was on the smaller side and the fish was very tasty, along with the tartar sauce. We asked for bread since none was offered.

Before the meal, we ordered New England clam chowder, one of my all time faves. The waiter said it was the best ever but, as it turned out, it was not. At five bucks a pop, the bowl was not that big and the chowder was certainly not the best I've ever eaten. As a matter of fact, the $15 for the fish was way too steep, too. But the worst of the worst price was the $7 slice of coconut cake my sister ordered. Granted, it came with a plop of vanilla ice cream, but $7 for that dessert was quite pricey.

So bye bye Water Street Cafe.

The next day, for lunch, we went to the Mystic Market, a short distance from Stonington, and that was a great choice. It had an extensive selection of cheese from all over the world and all kinds of other fascinating food products. They also cater special events and make really gorgeous towered wedding cakes.

For lunch, had New England clam chowder again and this time it was top notch---thick, creamy, and luscious. My rare roast beef sandwich was delicious and filling. My sister did not fare as well as she disliked her roasted veggie sandwich. It tasted like the roasted veggies came out of a jar. She had lemon gelato, though, and creme brule, both of which she said were very delicious.

The weekend getaway is over but I'm still dreaming about that clam chowder and would like a cup right now.


diane stetson said...

Yum,yum ...sounds delicious...I LOVE clam chowder....you girls had a great get a way. xo

Rebecca said...

We like to try out new restaurants, too. I'll probably stay away from CT! I'm always asking where I can get good salmon. (I really like it, but don't like to buy it and fix it for myself.)

One day on the "reduced" shelf in our grocery store, there were bunches of canned clam chowder. A healthy choice variety. At 42 cents a can, I bought them all. I am surprised at how good it is. My husband and I are still enjoying that unplanned purchase!

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