Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cafeADAM in Great Barrington, MA

How often do you have a meal so extraordinary that you think about it for days afterward?

People who live in the northwestern part of Massachusetts can save the airfare to Europe, to have such a meal. All they have to do is go to cafeADAM in the small town of Great Barrington. A meal there will not soon be forgotten.

Chef/Owner Adam Zieminski, who attended culinary school at the famed Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, has a master's touch when it comes to cooking.

We had the great pleasure of dining recently at his upscale, contemporary yet warm establishment. cafeAdam has the aura of a New York French bistro. Crisp white cloths cover the tables, set with black cloth napkins, china, and glassware. On one wall, tiny white lights sparkle above a red curtain made by Sylwia Zieminski, Adam's new bride from Poland. She is usually at the restaurant, putting her own touches on the decor, welcoming guests, and making them feel comfortable. Sylwia's sister, equally personable, served our table.

The menu at cafeADAM changes frequently, which makes it all the more delightful to go there. Zieminski uses the freshest ingredients available for his creations and relies on many local products. In warmer months, he plants his own herb garden outside. He seems to delight in making exotic fare that impresses customers to the max.

Small bottles of olive oil with a sprig of rosemary inside accompany bread brought to the table and provide delicious dipping!

The most recent night we dined at cafeADAM, one of our appetizers consisted of cippolini (a kind of onion that had been cooked in duck fat until tender), Japanese sweet potato, dried cherries, and curry paste, all surrounded by a tumeric/ginger sauce and truffle oil, set off by a piece of arrugula! The combination of exquisite flavors danced on one's tongue!

The salmon appetizer came to the table looking like something way too gorgeous to eat. A mini tower of pink salmon competed for attention with deep burgundy-colored chopped beets and green avocado. It was a culinary masterpiece in miniature!

Seafood connoisseurs enjoyed a platter of oysters and tender calimari with a lipsmacking sesame-based dipping sauce. The butternut squash soup had a nice bite to it from chipotle peppers. Served in a square dish, it turned out to be a delicious way to start the meal.

The Beef Bourguignone consisted of tender beef chunks in a savory sauce with succulent vegetables, served over Zieminski's homemade wide fettuccini. Flavors melted together to produce a luscious dish. "Magnifique!"

A bowl of Bouillabasse looked delectable, filled with a variety of seafood such as halibut, mussels,scallops, shrimp, and squid, mixed with potatoes in a fennel/tomato broth.

Hanger steaks came accompanied by thick house potatoes, called Stek Frites Parisienne. Our table shared two salads, a Caesar plus a winter salad with greens, pecans, goat cheese, and mandarin orange sections, tossed with a balsalmic based dressing. Delightful!

In lieu of dessert, I had perfectly delicious machiatto (espresso). A couple people at our table, however, ordered chocolate mousse topped with sambuca cream and shaved espresso and a pirouette. D-E-C-A-D-E-N-T!

More dessert lovers at our table enjoyed a pineapple cranberry crumble with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream on top and creme brulee! Talk about mouth-watering yummy finishes to a meal, cafeADAM sure has them.

Impeccable service, a pleasant atmosphere, and mouthwatering food made our visit to cafeADAM a night to remember.

Here's the crew that makes it all possible at Cafe Adam. Chef/Owner Adam Zieminski is second from the left!

Kudos! Bravo! and encore pul-eese, to Chef Adam and his hardworking helpers.

People in this area of Massachusetts can only hope cafeADAM'll be around for a long (and luscious) time to come! Visitors from other areas can make a beeline to cafeADAM for some truly innovative and delicious fare.

Do you have a favorite specialty restaurant you especially love to go to on special occasions?


Linda said...

Mouthwatering indeed! Looks like the food on Top Chief! I don't think i've ever been to a restaurant like that.

diane stetson said...

i've been there and have delighted in the cuisine also. I recommend it on a special occasion! I'm getting hungry just reading this review Susan!

Susan said...

Hi Linda! Ooooooooo, you would LOVE cafeADAM, no doubt about that. Who wouldn't? Thanks for visiting and commenting, Linda. Always nice to have you stop by. Sincerely, Susan

Susan said...

Hi Di...Yeah, we've been there when you've come to the east. Hopefully, we'll go again with you some time! Thanks for your visit and comment! Always, Susan

BECKY said...

Susan, I'm trying to hold off until noon (my time) to eat lunch, and looking at this just made it even harder!! :-)

Rebecca said...

I KNOW I've never been to a restaurant like that! I would have just been "stuck" on the appetizer. Salmon is one of my favorite entrees and it probably would have been enough food for me. But having said that, I doubt that I would have been able to stop with the machiatto. I would have wanted to sample both of the others.

I can see why you'll be thinking about this experience for many, many days.

Susan said...

Hi Becky! ha! Glad my review on cafeADAM made you hungry. Maybe it's convincing writing! ha! Thanks for commenting. Take care. Sincerely, Susan

Susan said...

Hello Rebecca....Well, I WANTED dessert but, as you know, I'm trying desperately to LOSE WEIGHT. But the machiatto was yummy. Everyone adored their desserts,by the way. Take care, Rebecca, and so happy you came to visit. Sincerely, Susan

Alicia Isaacs said...

Hi Susan,

Stopping by for a visiting and you're making me sooo hungry lol. The dishes look absolutely delicious. And the way you described them just makes it even more mouthwatering. I showed the pictures to one of my daughters and she's drooling. lol.

Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I sent some info. to your email at your blog gmail.

Susan said...

Hi Alicia! So happy you came to visit. Yes, I got the e-mail from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so sweet. Please come back often! Sincerely, Susan

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