Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Martha and Terri's Teacup Tuesday

Thanks to Martha and Terri for sponsoring Teacup Tuesday! It's fun to see everyone's treasured cups. Thanks, girls!

Today's teacup on this blog has pink, detailed scenes of an American settlement against a beige background. It was made by Johnson Brothers in England.

The lettering on the back of the saucer reads "San Francisco" and "Historic America during the Gold Rush."

Using a magnifying glass, an American flag can clearly be seen above wooden buildings. Four tiny figures are there, two carrying shovels. Also spotted is a horse pulling a wagon. Another lone horse stands by the side of the road.

Numerous tiny houses are nestled in hills above the settlement.

There are about a dozen sailing ships on water, too!

A decorative leaf and acorn border frames the bottom edge of the cup's scene as well as the saucer. There is a decorative border inside the top rim of the cup, too, and on the cup's handle!

This cup allows one to go back awhile in history while sipping tea!

(Wouldn't it be great to hear, "I struck gold!")



Dianne said...

Such a lovely cup and saucer...

Lou said...

How amazing that an English Company made American History China! Thanks for sharing all those details that can be difficult to see in the pics! I sort of have some historical cups...?? but a different sort of history..I also collect English hunting scene china.. not quite the same but still historical..
Lou xx

Kiki said...

Super charming...I love those colors..beautiful!! Happy Tea Time

Anonymous said...

The detail is amazing. Such a lovely set and the color is so pretty. Thank you for sharing such a unique piece.

Chatty Crone said...

I had blog trouble today or I would have been on her earlier. Sorry.

Love your tea cup with the history lesson. And I love pink/red.

If I ever get time here (and I may never) I'm going to take my tea cups out.

I loved yours.

Linda said...

Very cool tea cup! I have a few tea cups but none with historical scenes. I'm sorta a flower girl.

Jenny said...

What a gorgeous teaccup! Really lovely. I can see that filled with fat yellow roses from the garden.

Anonymous said...

I love toile....and used to have this teacup and accessories in BLUE ages ago. Wish I would have kept it, now! Lovely blog and lovely teacup! Glad you posted and I'll be back to visit!

Msartist said...

I love the design on this cup and the historical scenes ~ I was raised in the SF area and have never seen a cup like that~ I love it.

Terri said...

What a great thing, to collect historical china! This cup and saucer is really lovely. Thank you for sharing all about it. I love learning these things.

Anonymous said...

I love tea cup tuesday's....

didn't have time to join in on the fun this time around, but your cup is lovely, and it's tremendous fun visiting all the pretty china posts!

ciao bella
thanks for sharing
creative carmelina

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Love your tea cup! I don't have any historical ones. In fact, I really only have about five or so, usually purchased at quaint re-sale shops. I do have one tiny one, though, that is just a cup, no saucer, and am told it was my oldest sister's cup when she was a child! Can you imagine giving a toddler a CHINA CUP?? It's one of those things that I truly cherish, especially since she's been deceased for many years. Thanks for always sharing such lovely items with us!

Susan said...

Hi Everybody! I was elated to see you all paid a visit while I was out, running around in the pouring rain. Had to do last minute Easter shopping, groceries, blah blah blah Got it all done and now I'm blessedly home, warm at last, and checking in to blogland.....such a delightful place to be, don't you think?

So happy you all liked my historical theme cup. I can't wait to see all the other lovely tea cups that were posted for Teacup Tuesday. LOVE this weekly happening! Okay, bye bye for now. Please come back now, okay? Sincerely, Susan

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Beautiful Red and White Transfer ware Cup!! I have some blue and whites but no red and white tea cups and saucers .....Yet!!! I just love transfer ware!! It never goes out of style and always looks elegant!! Thanks for sharing!!

Susan said...

Thanks, Debbie....I didn't even know that cup and saucer was called transfer ware. I'm not knowledgeable about teacups...just like them! Thanks for the identification, for visiting, and for your comment! Sincerely, Susan

Leann said...

Oh Susan I love this cup. I feel like I have to hold it for some reason. The first photo just drew me right in.


podso said...

Such beautiful photos of your cup and saucer. I'm partial to red and white transferware and so enjoyed this post!

Martha's Favorites said...

I just love these Johnson cups. They have so much detail. I have a few myself. I would love to have a whole set to serve Christmas on. They look so pretty at that time. Yours is beautiful. I would also like to wish you a blessed Easter for you and your family. Martha

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Susan, your teacup is beautiful! Imagine a teacup made in England depicting San Francisco. Rather ironic. As for your comment about losing weight -- I decided 5 years ago that I didn't want to be Fat and Forty. I opted for FABULOUS. Prompted by Oprah's Boot Camp challenge taking off at that time, I got together with two of my best friends and we started working out together most days of the week that we could. We made it a friendly competition by weighing in every 6 weeks and doing measurements too. Whoever lost the most, would be treated out by the other two and presented with lovely gifts. over the 6 month period, I lost 30 lbs and so many inches. It was unbelievable. I won the weight loss challenge three times, while the other girls each won once. HA! They said I was quite competitive and I certainly can be. It was a lot of fun and we always encouraged and pushed each other to do more. From the moment we started, I totally changed my eating and have never looked back. over the years, I've progressed to being vegetarian and feel so much better with that decision, too. I am happy to say that my weight has remained consistent over the past 5 years and I don't find it difficult to maintain. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. Many blessings, Tammy

Susan said...

Dear Leann, Podso, Martha, and Tammy! So happy you all stopped by. Loved that you visited and commented.

Tammy, thanks for the weight loss info. Wow! You have done so splendidly....exercise and veggies! Sounds like a good plan to me!

Take care everyone and have a great Wednesday! Sincerely, Susan

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