Monday, April 19, 2010

Blonde Dolly in Green and Pink!

The perky blonde doll shown in today's post is as little as she is adorable in her green dress with pink accents. She's about seven inches tall.  A row of lace accents her hemline. She has two pearl buttons on her pink silk bodice and a choker lace collar.

Symbolic of the old west, she has swirls of pink chiffon on her blonde head, topped with fancy cream-colored feathers, strands of pearls, and tiny pink and green ribbons.  Her blonde hair is even braided on top of her head.

On her feet she wears little white shoes and white stockings.

Miss Sadie has a very pretty face and bright blue eyes. She could definitely be the apple of some handsome cowboy's eye!

She came from Arizona and now "resides" in the east.

 "Ain't" she something?


P.S. Could some computer savvy blogger  explain how to get Martha's Favorites Teacup Tuesday button on to my blog? I don't see any http jargon to copy on that button. HEEELLLLLPPPP!(Thanks.)


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Isn't she beautiful!??
Hello, Miss Sadie!
Thanks for coming by my house, and if you were in my city for real, I'd take you to all the best places to do some thriftin'!!
Here's how I put a button on my blog if there's no html stuff.
I right click on the image, save it to my computer.
Go to my blog, log in, click customize, go to "Add a Gadget", click on pictures, and choose the picture you just copied from file on my computer.
Hope that helps!
Blessings to you and Miss Sadie!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Oh, and now I see on your right sidebar that you just figured it out, LOL!


I used to have this 'toy' doll when i was a little girl....her name was Linda..and I used to do everything with her.
I had her for soooooo long, that she became quite a fright to look dirty and scarey looking, that my older brother convinced me she was full of invisible bugs and that I should throw her out in the garbage.
I became so afraid of her, that I did end up tossing her out...

I have missed that doll every day since then, but she is long gone. At least I have my memories. I don't even have one photo of her, if you can believe that.....! I think this pink and green doll is the flowers in her hair! Charming!

I'll email you about the 'button'...

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Susan said...

Thanks Leslie and Carmelina....I DID figure it out, with instructions from Becky, one of this blog's Followers. Ohhhh, so sweet of BOTH of you for wanting to help. THANKS.

And Leslie, WELCOME as a follower! Do you want me to put you into the Giveaway?

Sincerely, Susan

That corgi :) said...

beautiful doll! no, I don't have anything from my childhood. I'm not sentimental or a keeper of things, no knick-knacks, etc. Like to keep things simple since we seem to move every 2 years or so


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: You did it! I told you the ladies in blogland are so helpful with things like that. I love the doll. You have so many beautiful dolls. How big is your collection, do you know? Have a great day my friend. Blessings, Martha

Ciara said...

Isn't she sweet!

I still have my 'ragdoll' that my Mum made me when I was tiny. She is very worn, and has had a few make-overs in her time. And she goes by the rather grand name of Lala! Yes, I was very tiny when I got her...

Lovely post, Susan. C x

Kelli said...

Hi Susan! Wanted to stop by and say and thank you for visiting my new blog! I am enjoying blogland so far....I think that I need to set a timer so I don't lose track of time:) You have a beautiful blog!

Dianne said...

The only toy I have left from childhood is one of my Breyer horses... However; one August day about 25 years ago, my mom presented me with her first handmade stuffed bear that she said she made on a "whim". I was astonished... not because of her of her talent or her generousity...but because I had dreamed about that very teddy bear even before she knew she was going to make it! His name is August Whim and I still have him.

LDH said...

Oh, she is sweet and I love that she is a small doll! Very pretty, indeed!

Susan said...

Dear Leslie, Carmelina, Betty, Martha, Ciara, Kelli, Dianne, and LDH:

Thanks for your visits, ladies, and for all the great comments, too.

I really appreciate each of you soooooo much. Sincerely, Susan

Kiki said...

Wow..what a beauty she is...gorgeous! So super charming and super special! What a lovely idea..I wish i ahd a doll to share! Wonderful post!!

Susan said...

Thanks, Kiki. I adore dolls. (Would you have ever guessed? ha!) I share my collection from time to time. Do you like dolls? Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

Your doll is beautiful - gorgeous.

I have my Chatty Cathy doll - does the name sound familiar?

You got your button on! YIPPEE!


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Oh, yes I want to be in the giveaway, too!
pick me! pick me!
I will find that post and play by the rules and play nice with the other kids.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie! Thanks for visiting and for being you!

Hi Leslie! Consider yourself signed-up for the Giveaway. Names will be drawn next Monday. So happy you visited. Come back often now, okay?

Sincerely, Susan

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