Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long-Lasting Friendship and Flowers Are Gifts To Celebrate

A dear friend of many years gifted me with a purple and white Mother's Day floral arrangement.

It came in a pink basket with green and light turquoise trim. Toting other gifts as well, this dear soul even delivered everything to our house!

Our friendship is like the long-lasting baby's breath, daisies, mums, and statice in the bouquet. 

For awhile, our lives went along totally different paths but we never lost touch.  Letters, cards, and then e-mails helped us maintain communication when we lived thousands of miles apart. 

My dear friend has survived divorce, deep disappointments in life, and breast cancer. Right now, she is battling with diabetes.   She is an amazing person with an indominable spirit. She is also kind and generous beyond belief.  She's  immensely talented, creating all kinds of gorgeous arrangements and decorations from silk flowers, for all occasions.

As for the flowers in the bouquet, one of my favorites is the daisy.  When we were kids, we plucked off petal by petal. As we did this, we thought about certain boys we liked and said, with each plucked petal, "he loves me, he loves me not."   If the last petal turned out to be a "not," I'd throw it down on the ground and start all over again!

The Greek name for baby's breath, gypsophila, means lime-loving and sure enough, this plant likes alkaline soil in which to grow.

Crysanthemums, natives of Asia, have been around for a very long time. As a matter of fact, Confucius mentioned them in his writings in 500 B.C.!  While the petals of this flower are edible, I prefer them in bouquets for their color and ability to last a long, long time---kind of like my friendship with my dear high school buddy. Both the bouquet and her continued friendship were among my best Mother's Day gifts this year!



Linda said...

Beautiful flowers!

Linda said...

Also friendships mean so much! They are like flowers all different but all beautiful! I am blessed to have some very close friends.

diane stetson said...

A very dear friend of over thirty years brought me a boquet of flowers three weeks ago ..I had them in the house for two weeks and another week out on the patio table...loved them and I told her I thought she was really sweet to give me a boquet....friendship is the BEST!

Dianne said...

Yes I have a dear friend that I met in junior high. She lives in Tennessee now and we keep in touch via phone and email.

Karen Lange said...

What lovely flowers, and what a lovely story and reminder of a good friend! I do have a few long term special friends, and quite a few newer blogging friends, such as you, Susan:)

Chatty Crone said...

I love the flowers and yes I have been blessed with several long friendship. Glad you have too. sandie

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting, Ladies. Hope you'll come back very soon! Sincerely, Susan

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