Thursday, May 13, 2010

One-Stroke Pink Rose Plates

My late mother loved beautiful things.

When one of my sisters mastered the one-stroke method of painting, Mummy was thrilled.  She raved about every single thing my sister ever painted.  One-stroke is a particular style of painting that turns out incredibly beautiful and realistic flowers and designs.

Mummy asked my sister to paint some plates for her and when she got them, Mummy thought they were the most gorgeous plates she ever saw.  They came with small green bows woven through the white china latticework edges of the plates. Mummy treasured those plates made by her daughter and hung them proudly in her bedroom in our home. She displayed them on her wall until she died.

I inherited them and moved them over to the Master bedroom where they are now displayed. They are pretty special, not only because they were made by my sister, but, also, because they were among the humble treasures that belonged to my Mummy.



Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Susan!
Such gorgeous plates! Your sister has mastered them perfectly and you can almost smell their rose fragrance!! I can see how your Mother treasured them so!!
The plates themselves are the prettiest I've seen with the look of lace!
You must be filled with such happy memories when you look at them :-)
Thank you for sharing your treasures!

Chatty Crone said...

I am not familiar with the one stroke method - but this I know - they are gorgeous. Your sister painted them your mom loved them and now you have them. They are BEAUTIFUL!



Karen Lange said...

I've heard of the one stroke method but never tried it. These are lovely! Something to treasure, what a blessing:)

Linda said...

Beautiful plates! I can see they are treasures. I also have heard of one stroke painting but that is all I know.

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Hi Susan!
My mother-in-law sent my Sarah a video and all the One-stroke things she would need to paint this technique-
Q: guess who learned it instead?
A: me.
Was I good at it?
I stunk. But it sure was fun trying.
Your plates are a treasure- but so much more, the memories that come with them :)
Thank you for sharing that with me/us.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I've never heard of one-stroke painting. I'm always amazed when someone can paint flowers to beautifully. Those plates are gorgeous! Lucky you! Best wishes for the rest of your day. :) Tammy

diane stetson said...

I'd like a one stroke something from that sister myself...maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Susan!
Those are lovely plates to be treasured, for sure! for both reasons....

my hubby's aunt used to do that sort of painting ...her florals were brilliant! I should try my hand at this! ya never know, right!

thanks for sharing!
ciao bella

and I just can't wait for DH to see his new follower! he never goes on it...but when he finally does....wowo!

creative carmelina

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
those are beautiful and such a nice reminder of your Mummy and sister!


Donna said...

Oh, those are so beautiful, Susan!! I am familiar with Donna Dewberry's one stroke, although I am NOT good at it! haha Flowers are not my strong point when it comes to painting, which is too bad because I LOVE flowers! Your sister mastered it. How wonderful that you now own these beauties. And I have to say that I love that you call your mother Mummy. That speaks volumes of your relationship and love... Donna

Dianne said...

Your plates are so beautiful... My mom loved to paint with different types of brush strokes and techniques, especially flowers, but I don't think she ever did one stroke. Since I can't draw... maybe that's something I could try...

Linda O'Connell said...

These plates are beautiful. No wonder they are on display at your house.

Adrienne said...

I think your sister is even better than Donna Dewberry....Very, very pretty.

Susan said...

Ohhhhhh, thank you ALL SO MUCH for visiting. Loved having so much company.

Hi Adrienne! I've missed you. So glad you came by, too.

I loved all your comments. Have a good night and please, come back soon! Sincerely, Susan

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