Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures of Floral Arrangements, Quilts, Sculptures, and More from Applewood Manor Bed and Breakfast in Vermont

    This is the back of  Applewood Manor as seen from the pool!

NOTE: Dayle, from A Collection of This and That is sponsoring her very first blog party on Thursday called Simple Pleasures. Bloggers participate by telling what simple pleasures of life they have been enjoying.

The simple pleasure from Writing Straight from the Heart to be highlighted is the second installment about a stay at a Vermont Bed and Breakfast called Applewood Manor in Castleton. It's almost always a pleasure to stay at a B&B because one meets great people, feels pampered by the innkeepers, and can "escape" the difficulties of life for a short space of time.

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Thanks, Dayle, for sponsoring this Simple Pleasures party.

 Here goes:

Anyone who has a penchant for old, historical properties will fall madly in love with Applewood Manor Bed and Breakfast in Castleton in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The immaculate grounds are peaceful and picturesque.  There are  many unique aspects to the establishment such as it being one of the three oldest houses in the area. The middle section of the house dates to the 1780s! Originally built by a family named Hoit, (Hoyt),  the house's front part was added in 1803. Imagine all the people who have walked along the wide board wooden floors!

Everywhere one looks at the Bed and Breakfast, there is something lovely to see! Numerous elegant floral arrangements in a wide array of colors and textures fill the old home.  Knick knacks and beautiful furnishings are also feasts for the eyes.

At the time the building was constructed, when a family member died, the wake and visitation took place at home. Consequently, there's a casket door at the Applewood!  There are also original marble and brick fireplaces. It's nice to dream of sitting in front of a crackling fire during winter as snow swirls outside.

Nancy Cameron and Ralph Hirschfeld bought the property in 2004 and opened it as a Bed and Breakfast three years later. Nancy, an attractive blond woman and native of Scotland, makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. Ralph helps keep the property maintained and cooks the wonderful breakfasts, including eggs Benedict that look as pretty as a picture.

Staying at the Applewood Manor Bed and Breakfast is a great way to rejuvenate, relax, and spend some very precious hours! Being a guest there is, indeed, a pleasure!


P.S.  You haven't seen the last of Applewood Manor!  Eventually you will have the chance to see the beautiful grounds including the patio and porch! So keep checking new posts. Thank you all so much for visiting.  Even though  this blog is not a Bed and Breakfast, you are all wonderful guests.


Terri Tiffany said...

Oh this place is filled with charm! I stayed in one in Mississippi once and it was so cool--very old and a great breakfast.

Dayle said...

Wow! That's so my kind of place, except for the casket door. LOL! Thanks for joining the party today.

Ms.Daisy said...

What a lovely and charming bed and breakfast. I have never been to Vermont but I have heard a lot about it. Hope to visit there someday and I may just have to stay at Applewood Manor! Thanks for showing us some of their simple pleasures!


Gayle said...

Oh, my! That looks like a bit of heaven on earth. A great winter hideaway.

diane stetson said...

Now you have a model to look at when you open your OWN B&B that still a possibility?
You make grand breakfasts on Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! thanks for sharing this..your posts are always so full of interest! and this place is so charming!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

thanks so much for your visits susan...i truly appreciate you!

Joan said...

This is a beautiful place - wish I was there. If walls could talk - imagine the history they would tell.


BECKY said...

I haven't stayed at a B&B YET, but I certainly want to! In fact, just yesterday I contacted a nearby one, to ask about a possible "special" rate, so I could stay there and do some writing! I haven't heard back yet, though.... :(

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