Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Colorful Thrift Store Finds: Ceramic Plates

One of my very favorite interior designers and writers is Alexandra Stoddard.

The first time I saw her arrangement of blue and white plates on her kitchen wall, it made me want to have a similar arrangement in my own kitchen. Never a fan of blue, our kitchen is now a cheerful combination of very pastel yellow walls, white woodwork, and blue and white tiles behind the stove.

Then,  on one wall hang plates that are  primarily blue and white with some blue and yellow color combinations. The look is one I absolutely love.  (Thank you, Alexandra.)

 Even though I thought the plate wall was complete, as I strolled through one of my favorite second hand stores, Saver's,  yet another plate really drew attention. It had a blue, red, and yellow floral motif in the center and swirls of dark blue around the edges. For $3.99,  it was impossible to resist. 

At first, the plate fit nicely into a gold holder from the Dollar Tree. Now,  however, it's been added to the kitchen wall arrangement. 

Lo and behold, another day yet another plate just about spun around on the shelf in front of me in the thrift store. It was  blue and white with the words  "Slovakia" on the back. The floral pattern in the middle looked very appealing so I bought the plate.

So that's it for plates on the kitchen wall. There are enough there now and any more attractive plates I see are not going into my shopping cart unless they become gifts for somebody else.

GUESS WHERE THE FIRST PLATE SHOWN WAS MADE?  p.s. (It's not from Italy.) Put your answer
in a Comment, okay?


Andrea said...

I'll guess that it was made in Germany. I am not very plate savvy. I love them, own several, but don't know much about them. I am familiar with Ms. Stoddard and have seen her books. Well, at least one of them...I am constantly checking books out of the library on interior design and have so many favorites. Of course, I always go back to a few faves.
Hope that your weather has cooled off a little. Ours felt slightly better today, but we desperately need rain.
have a good one!

Susan said...

Hi Andrea! No, it wasn't made in Germany but thanks for guessing! Loved having you visit and comment.

Claus said...

Beautiful plate! I have a collection of plates, but with a Christmas motif, which only come out for the holidays. Having a collection of hand painted ones on a wall really sound like a great idea, and it must be wonderful to look at. I'm thinking your latest buy is from Spain?
Just got a call from home. Your package has arrived! can't wait to get home and open it!! Thank you deeply Susan!
have a lovely day!

Dianne said...

Love that blue, yellow and red plate! It's so pretty!

Adrienne said...


LDH said...

(chuckle) Those special pieces do seem to make it into our homes and hearts, don't they. I know nothing about plates but I know these are really pretty ones! Curious to know where this one was made. How about Portugal for a guess?

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I am guessing Greece. Sandie

Susan said...

Hi Everyone!

Claus nailed it! The pretty first plate was made in SPAIN! Good job, Claus. And thanks to everyone for guessing! Love to all, Susan

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

I love the blue/yellow combo. How come the thrift shops I frequent never have such gems? Do you go there every day to catch the treasures?

Susan :)

Susan said...

Hello Susan...

Had to chuckle at your question above. Oh no, I would never have time or money to go thrifting on a daily basis. Usually on the weekends, I'll hit at least one shop but I'm trying not to. Ha! That's hard.

My favorite thrift shop that almost always has good "gems" is Saver's. You should check where you live and see if there is one in your vicinity.

Thanks to all for your visits and comments! Love, Susan

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