Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flowers Counted Among the Joys of Summer

One of the best parts of summer is seeing all kinds of flowers. Whether a bouquet or a single bloom in a pretty crystal glass, flowers make summer an extra special time. 

Look at the incredible beauty of the inside of a gladiola, shown both above and below.  Seeing such exquisite beauty makes one extremely grateful to the Creator for gifting humans in such a special way.  Flowers are such amazing creations. Each one is a different design, color, and fragrance. Not only are they here on earth for our utter enjoyment, many can be eaten or used for medicinal purposes.

Fresh flowers in a vase on the kitchen table are definitely among summer's joys. They perk up a freshly laundered tablecloth.

They are a special part of a bride's wedding day. They welcome new babies, help celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and console us when a loved one dies.

A stop in the spring at the Christmas Tree Shops turned up a large package of gladiola bulbs from Holland. There was no guarantee they would bloom this year but into the ground the bulbs went anyway.

The handy husband around here did the planting. It's a great arrangement. Wife buys, husband plants!  And voila!  The freshly planted bulbs bloomed this summer after all! We now have multi-colored flowers on the tall and stately plants lining a backyard walkway.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such beautiful blooms! Love your photos and the colors!!!

Leann said...

Oh lads are my favorite flower - I had them in my wedding bouquet!!

1 - Lightening bugs
2 - Summer Tomatoes and corn
3- Lazy Days


T's Daily Treasures said...

1. 6 weeks away
2. the beauty encountered on all of our road trips this summer
3. being back "home" again

I do miss flowers and trees and grass! Maybe I should go out today and buy a bouquet of flowers for my dining table!

Best wishes for the weekend, Tammy

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Such beautiful blooms, Susan! Great photos too! Such vivid colors!

Hmmm there is so much, I have to narrow it down to just 3?! ha!

1. Summer flowers in full bloom

2. The sunshine warming my soul

3. The smell of freshly watered garden

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! My grandniece will be so thrilled! You are a darling for stopping by!

Have a lovely weekend!

Cheers & Hugs!

BECKY said...

Your photos of flowers are just gorgeous! I still have one from spring, I think, that I "borrowed" from you to use as one of my desktops! Let's see...3 things...
1) I love the sound of locusts (some call them cicadas)
2)the aroma of fresh cut grass
3) fresh fruits!

mo said...

Hi Susan, The color of the creamsicle flower is just beautiful. I really like the photo you took of it up close. Flowers are amazing works of art huh? Your blog is lovely. *hugs*

Bookie said...

Flowers are lovely esp. since ours here are beginning to burn up.
2.eating outside
3.farmer's market

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

All so beautiful!!



Dianne said...

I love Glads... They remind me of my grandmother working in the town florist shop. She always let me take the Glad flowers that had been trimmed from the stalk while making arrangements. It's one of my favorite childhood memories. Thanks for bringing it back.

diane stetson said...

Flowers bloom all year in California not just the summer months...I love them. I especially love summer as I'm 1. off work. 2. go to the pool on a daily basis and 3. love the ocean waves.

Live Out Loud said...

oh so pretty.

I love the purple flowers.

Your pictures are beautiful!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh what a great post, purple flowers are my favorite! I like the way you all work, wife buys and husband plants, that is a nice way to do it!

Humm, three of my favorite summer things...
Summer time at the beach with family.
Grilling outdoors.
Great sunsets.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Chatty Crone said...

I have to say your pictures are so beautiful - you are an awesome photographer. What beauty.


Claus said...

I have those peach gladiolas in my garden! As a matter of fact, I planted some more seeds of it (product of the same flower when it died), hoping they will grow up by our next summer (April). I got what I have now through the same process, so chances are new plants will grow. yey!
Though we are not in summer, summer is indeed my favorite season. Why:
1. the weather. Sunny, clear days, with bright sun, and blue skies. That alone makes me happy and energized.
2. Long days, with beautiful early mornings, and gorgeous late evenings.
3. the food! tropical fruit everywhere around here, and endless choices of salads and outside grills, in company of friends and family.

There is so much about summer...I'm in love with the season :-)
have a pretty day!

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