Monday, August 16, 2010

A Passion, Love, (and Mania) for Collecting

A community center in a town within driving distance  held a tag sale this past weekend dubbed in advance as "humongous."  Now what bargain-hunter could pass-up such an event?  Not me! 

Plus, it was a  great fundraiser for all kinds of programs that the center  offers so every bargain-inspired penny would be well-spent.

The sale was the "bomb," as a young person today might say.  Housed in a huge auditorium,  dozens upon dozens of tables could be seen upon entering, all  filled with everything imaginable from Victorian ceiling lights (oh, stop my beating heart), and crock pots, to tea sets, linens, and just about anything else you ever needed or even knew you wanted for your house.

One of the volunteers on duty shockingly said  the stuff on view was only half of what the sale originally offered. Doors opened early in the morning and a crowd entered and wiped the other half of the merchandise out in a short time. People had lined-up outside the front doors waiting for them to open.

     "Next year, you'd better get here early," she advised.

      At sales such as these, it's tempting to pick up items that are not needed but just liked, because the prices are soooooo right.  Some of the items selected may be given as gifts to others and some will be gifts to "moi." ha!

Take, for instance, the sleeping blue and white ceramic kitty cats.  Aren't they absolutely adorable? 

Because I have several colored glass collections, the green vase was a great addition for the whopping price of 25 cents!

The transparent glass, filled with little "bubble" designs, also made it into my "buy" pile as well as a very pretty light turquoise colored fancy shancy bottle. They each cost 25 cents!

On the way out of the sale, buyers passed by tables filled with books that were, unbelievably marked, "FREE."  One 600-plus page book by inspirational author and speaker Robert Schuller, with gold page edges,  came home with me. It's a wonderful book.

Why can't more organizations have sales like that one?  It's a win-win kind of sale since people get rid of items they no longer want, others go home with items they love, and the organization makes a wad! 
Probably this sale was successful because a tremendous amount of planning and organization went into it.

Where there are volunteers who are willing, there's a way!



Bookie said...

Wohoo, you some great finds for the money! Esp. love the blue and white kitty...I have two rabbits in same vein. What fun you had!

Thanks for visiting my cowboy post! I have been thinking a lot of cowboy thoughts since reading Dusty Richards. In fact I have dug out a book on Flint Hill Cowboys I hope to get back again.

I am having hair pulling with comptuers in this house tonight...after 10:30, think I will give it up. Night...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love sales like that. Makes me feel even better about my money going to good causes! Plus the prices are good and help me get good items I can afford! Love that little green vase!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Love those little blue and white kitties. You found some great items at fabulous prices. Always makes it worthwhile when you know it is for a good cause. Best wishes, Tammy

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Susan, you found some fabulous items at great prices. Great free book too! It's amazing how some sales have the best prices, and others can be so high. If people want to get rid of stuff, they should price it reasonably. Everyone wins in that situation. And makes the experience even more rewarding when you know it is for a good cause.

Best wishes for the week ahead. :) Tammy

Terri Tiffany said...

I wish I could find a sale like this soon. I want to find some off-white plates to hang in a grouping on my dining room wall--but they have to have character.

Nancy's Notes said...

Adorable kitties! Great buys on some really neat things!

Have a great week!

Nancy's Notes

Claus said...

Another great sale!! you are so lucky! I wish we had some sort of fle markets or sales like those. I have my hopes set on the Christmas season. Maybe someone will dare to organize anything of the sort by then.
Great buyings!!
have a lovely day.

Dayle said...

Those kitties are just too cute!!

diane stetson said...

I'm sure this sale MADE your weekend Susan...glad you had a good time!

BECKY said...

Wow! What fun! Yes, there should be more of these types of sales!!

Susan said...

I love all your beautiful glass!

Pam said...

Great buys. I have gotten some of my best buys at charity sales - it seems like the people pricing things have no idea what the items are and they just throw a number on them. Good for me though.

Chatty Crone said...

I love sales like that - those are the very best. sandie

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