Friday, September 3, 2010

For Cindy's Show and Tell Friday: Favorite Dolls

Inside every woman lives the little girl she once was.

As a child, my first love was for dolls of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

The obsession continued throughout my entire life until now.

Without a modicum of guilt,  I admit that I love dolls.  Okay, so I'm a doll fanatic.  All right, I'm crazy about dolls but I try, really hard, not to buy any more. 

It's been quite awhile since I shared some of the beauties in my collection so today, would you bear with me? 

Many of my dollies are dressed in pink with lots of lace! Some wear light lavender colored dresses and a couple are in yellow.  Can you tell I'm a romantic?

Here's another shot of my old-fashioned sweethearts.

Even if you can't stand dolls, please don't tell me, okay?  If you like dolls,  just enjoy!

Okay, that's a smattering of my doll collection. It would take until Monday to show them all. See?  Told you I was crazy about dolls.

Now hop on over to Cindy's blog (button in sidebar), "My Romantic Home" and check out some other show and tell offerings. You'll be glad you did!


diane stetson said...

Oh my dear lttle dolly, she has eyes of bright blue, she can open and close them, she can smile at me too. In the morning I wake her and we go out to play but the best time I love her is at the end of the day....remember that song Susan? lovely pics of your dollies!

Karen Lange said...

One of my sisters and I collected dolls when we were young. I am not sure what happened to all the dolls. I should check into that:) Your dolls are lovely, Susan.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Susan said...

I love your dolls!! I use to have a doll collection but I really had no way to display or store them!! So I had to give them up. I kept two that my children bought for me ,and I have a couple of vintage dolls that are really tiny.

Donna said...

Those are beautiful, Susan! I actually do know someone who collects them, and a few even travel with her when she goes on vacation!
Keep safe from the hurricane tomorrow!

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...


I love dolls. You have such a lovely collection. Beautiful lace and ruffles.
I am such a doll collector myself. you should have seen my doll room. Most of them are packed away. Thanks for sharing.



T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! You do have a collection. Do you keep them out in different rooms or show them off in one space?

I need my windows to be cleaned. I actually hate the type of windows we have. They slide left to right and all the dust and dirt and grime gets in the grooves. Hard to keep clean and since we are on the 2nd floor, hard to reach around from the inside to clean on the outside. My living room windows are a disaster at the moment. But no sense in cleaning them until cooler weather arrives -- maybe November, December.

Those white gladiolas are gorgeous. I've missed your past several posts. Going back to work this past week has really cut into my down time. :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Olivia~ said...

Oh this is just too sweet. I love dolls too. Right now, I have a little girl, so she is my living dolly. I know though that I will probably have dolls when I get older, yours are beautiful and oh so romantic.

Susan said...

Hi Everybody! Soooo glad you like my dollies. To answer Tammy's (T's Daily Treasures) question. I USED to keep the dolls in one small "doll room." But now they are also in the living room, one bedroom, and dining room! I like to switch them around. The rest are in the doll room. ha ha ha ha Too compulsive! Love, Susan

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I just LOVE all of your dolls!! And I adore all of the lace on them!! I collect dolls too and I didn't start until I was about 40!! Mine are mostly in the Victorian style but I do love them too!!
I really enjoyed admiring yours and hope you will show more of your collection soon!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

They are beautiful! I love your collection and thanks for sharing some of them with us! :)

Claus said...

Hey! you like dolls too!!! :-) I have to take pictures of my mother's collection to make an entry, and every time I'm about to, someone comes to visit!!! how odd. And since they are int he living room...I will try again this weekend and share with you what my mother has. There are small one, bigger ones, children, and grandparents!!
Love your dolls!
have a wonderful day.

Charlotte said...

Oooh, I love your dolls. I used to make porcelain dolls. I have a blog about it you might be interested in. Here's the url: Would be happy for you to visit. I have always loved dolls.

Rebecca said...

Quite a collection, Susan! Are they scattered all over your home or mostly in one room?

Susan said...

Hi Rebecca....See my comment after Olivia's, above. They are now scattered all over.

Hi Charlotte!

Thanks, everyone, for your sweet visits. Loved having you. Love, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I love your dolls - they are so pretty. sandie

Anonymous said...

I so love all your dolls. I haven't had a doll since I was young. But I've always wanted to have a collection like yours. Who could resist such beauties?

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