Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet Metamorphosis in the Kitchen!

Today we are joining Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.

This post is about a kitchen table transformation from bowls filled with frosting and a variety of candies to a full-fledged gingerbread house! 

When little elves get to work, all kinds of magic happens.

Fingers fly and imaginations soar as a colorful transformation takes place.

Spicy gingerbread smells fill the air.  Uh oh! Some of the construction materials get eaten! This is serious business.  The construction foreman had better tell the workers to refrain from eating the goods!

The table holds an eye-popping variety of candies---- hot "tamales," cherry rounds,  gumdrops, peppermint striped balls,  ribbon candy, and fruity rectangles, to name a few. No wonder there's so much temptation for the builders.

One can almost hear a command of "Gingerbread house construction underway" coming from the kitchen.

Two sets of hands begin furiously selecting candies to line the roof and walls of the house.  Sugar "engineers" fly into action.  Once the house's roof and sides fill with colorful candies, it's time to begin the yard that has to be designed and filled in with rainbow colored gumdrops.

There! The last of the gumdrops make the yard look like a garden filled with sugary
"flowers" that smell quite spicy.

The kitchen table metamorphosis is complete and Gingerbread House 2010 is now ready for Christmas!


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diane stetson said...

Now that is quite a gingerbread house...I bet Hansel and Gretel loved it..ha ha.

Rebecca said...

This may be one of the most colorful, HAPPY Gingerbread Houses I've ever seen! I may have to put "constructing a ginger-bread house" on my bucket list. I'm not sure I've ever done one!

Merry Christmas, Susan♥

Leann said...

What fun! Love the ribbon candy hedge!

We haven't done a house in years - just the boys and girls.

Merry Christmas my sweet friend!

mo said...

Hi Susan, OK, this is my all time favorite post of yours so far. I love the way you have narrated your post. I have a silly smile on my face that will not go away. (Thank you for that!)

You had me at "this is serious business" and "sugar engineers". Love it. *hugs*

Karen Lange said...

What a yummy project! Haven't made a gingerbread house since my children were young. My grandson just turned three, perhaps this would be a good project for us:)

Anonymous said...

looks like a wonderland of candy! oh so much fun! now I'm in the mood to make one...well no....actually let me rephrase that...

now I'm in the mood to EAT one!
;until I'm sugar sick!

ciao bella!
thanks so much for your sweetie pie comments on my blog!

creative carmelina

La Tea Dah said...

You are inspiring me! Your gingerbread house is beautiful!

Did you see the giant gingerbread houses they made on the Food Television Network this year? There were huge and complicated!


Kathleen said...

That is one elaborate, fantastic Gingerbread House! It's the best I've ever seen.

LDH said...

A most beautiful Gingerbread house, Susan! Marvelous job! It has been a long time since I made a house. They are lots of work but I can see you enjoyed every minute of it!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Its been years since I have made a gingerbread house. Your house looks like a candy fantasy land. Nice job!!!

Donna said...

Susan, what a transformation! It looks good enough to eat! hahaha So many of those candies remind me of my childhood - especially the ribbon candy! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. It sure is COLD around here now, isn't it?... Donna

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