Sunday, January 30, 2011

Falling Palm Fronds Versus A Cold Seat!

The first part of today's post is for anyone who is sick of snow.

Isn't it refreshing  to see the beauty of blue skies and  palm trees in the above photos? Can't you almost feel the warm air?  Bear in mind, however, there are drawbacks to wherever one lives.  I snapped the photos shown above in southern Arizona in November.

While basking in the warmth, this sign still made me chuckle.  Even in the sunny southwest, one had to be careful where one walked!

Now, fast forward two months and cross country to the eastern part of the good ole' USA. 
Everyone has heard the expression "sitting on the hotseat?," right?  It's not a place most of us would choose to be. Well, guess what? Sitting on the cold seat would also not be particularly comfy either.
 Take a look at the chairs in our back yard right now:

Whoever would like to sit on the "cold seat," here's the table to go with it:

OKAY, FOLKS. WHAT'S IT GOING TO BE? FALLING PALM FRONDS OR COLD SEAT?                                   


Linda O'Connell said...

We're going to be buried under snow in the next three days, and unfortunately it's heading your way. Unbelievable!

middle child said...

Yeah, us too. (snow coming). But we expect it whereas it seems the weather all over the world has been totally weird for the past several years. Why, if I believed in God, I'd worry about the end of times. Oh, that's right,....I DO BELIEVE IN GOD!

Mariette said...

Dearest Susan,

Wherever we are; one thing is important to be content with what we got! Making the very best out of it and tough it out. Things could be a lot worse.

Lots of love,


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

To think I actually posted on wanting snow.WHAT WAS I THINKING? Right now I would rather be beaten with a palm frond than to have another snow storm. How you weather the next few days ok. Great sunny photos.

mo said...

Hi Susan, Well you know my answer! Give me blue skys and falling palms...anyday! *hugs*

sarah said...

we're heading home from spring like temps to -11 and all we got our spring jackets....I'm with those falling palms... :)

Claus said...

Palm trees all the way!!! :o)) While I would love to spend some time with snow, I think I would go back running! to my sunny Guatemala. Look at that back patio! Almost non-existent! If it wasn't for the chairs, one wouldn't know, right? But there is a charm in a four-season state, that a tropical country does not know. Hang in there! Spring will eventually come, and you too will have clear and blue skies.

Have a lovely day!!
Oh!, I finally made an entry about my mom's doll collection! if you have a moment, come on over and take a look :o)

diane stetson said...

Well I see falling palm fonds all the time and if I want to see snow I drive to the I have the BEST of BOTH worlds.

Chatty Crone said...

Falling palm fouds! Love, sandie

LDH said...

I pick the cold seat. Oh, I know I am in the minority about winter. You should hear the grumbling right here in my own home ;)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh Susan! I can't even imagine that much snow! I got plenty of palm trees over here but have never heard of any fronds falling on anyone. :/ Stay warm and cozy! Tammy

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