Sunday, February 6, 2011

Color Uplifts the Spirit on Dark and Dreary Days

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day in New England.  Surrounded by gray and cold, the miserable weather made me yearn for color.

A forecast of snow turned out to be a bust (thank goodness). Instead, steady sheets of freezing rain came down from slate gray skies for hours and hours, turning everything into slick ice. An entire layer of ice covered car windows, requiring chipping and scraping.

Walking was, in one word, treacherous. I went to an afternoon church service. Then, getting to our front door from the car  was pretty scary but once inside, I didn't budge out for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Couldn't wait to pile on the logs in the fireplace and sit nearby in the warmth and cozy glow.

On this Sunday, I wanted to bring some color to this blog.  All the photos you see today were snapped in Arizona last fall. The flower-covered cross stood against  a bare altar at Tumacacori Mission in the southern part of the state. 

These bright and cheerful stargazer lilies are joyful to look at, aren't they? (Don't tell they were found in a graveyard behind the mission.)

The mission gift shop sold these little dolls in the multi-colored dresses  and paper flowers in sizzling colors of the rainbow.

It is my fondest hope that looking at these bright colors has cheered up your heart. When the weather turns dark, whip out the color. Bring out the brightest tablecloth you can find and look for flashy flowers in the supermarket to add to the decor.

If this Sunday is a dark day where you live, may you make your own sunshine.



Bookie said...

Oh, the flowers are lovely! The sun did shine here and got warmer than they thought...some thawing. But more is on the way! Little tomorrow and 6-8 more in couple of days. Hubby was up on roof trying to get some of load off rafters before more snow. We had not left the place since Monday. A friend with 4 wheel drive came and took me for a Sonic and milk and eggs at Braums. No eggs anywhere else in town I heard. I have heard bread and milk short in some places. Whew what a winter...glad you had some picutres without getting back out on the ice.

T's Daily Treasures said...

That flowered cross against the wall is so pretty! We had a bit of rain last nite; lots of clouds floating across the sky. Hope that you won't venture out unless absolutely necessary today. Stay safe and warm. Best wishes, Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

Five unexpected inches in a couple of wee morning hours, then a blast of all day, blinding sunshine. Like Twilight Zone. But ahh, the color I'll most welcome is that first tiny crocus poking its purple head through the snow soon.

Susan said...

I love all the colors and I certainly needed some brightness this Sunday Morning!!

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful cheery post! Our sun has broken through today for a wonderful sunny Sunday. Have a great day.

mo said...

Susan, The cross is so beautiful. Great eye you have! The colors pop! Stay warm...and have a great Sunday! *hugs*

LDH said...

The color in your post is indeed cheery and fun! I feel the happiness meter growing inside me just viewing your photos :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love the colors in your post and great idea to post them today - we need to think spring! Your post and those pictures were just awesome!


Claus said...

I love all colors! really! I have no favorite. We are a colorful nation, and I believe that got into me :o)

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