Sunday, February 27, 2011

Traditions from Childhood Remain With Us Forever

In church this weekend, my thoughts strayed from the sermon at hand.

I felt removed from the people around me. Despite being surrounded by people, I felt alone.

The church of my grandparents and parents remains my church but now I go to services alone. So many of my beloved family members have died and gone to the other realm of life.

Looking around the familiar surroundings, I  felt the presence of loved ones who are no longer with me. In one sense, it was heartbreaking to know they are no longer her to talk to and to hug. On the other hand, however, I felt  grateful for the gift of faith bestowed on me by my parents and grandparents. It was, no doubt, their greatest gift to me,  the most valuable inheritance anyone could ever ask for.

Glancing up at the stained glass windows, I felt in awe of their beauty and intensely grateful for the gift of eyesight in order to see them.

Life goes on after we lose those we love. Years pass. Children grow up and leave.  New babies come and suddenly we find ourselves the "older" generation.  Where did the time go? How could it be that life is speeding by with the fury of a runaway freight train?

No matter what is going on around me, there is comfort in the familiar.  The old stained glass windows from my childhood remain as beautiful as ever.

Today, my heart is at peace and I wish each of you the most wonderful of days today.  May you be immersed in light and warmed in love.

Remember the gifts of your own childhoods and may your hearts be filled with gratitude for all good things.



BECKY said...

Susan, what a beautiful church! I feel just like you do, all of a sudden, I am one of the "older generation"....Where did the time go? And gosh, tell about one thing from my childhood I'm grateful for? Wow..that's tough, because there really are so many things. Okay, I'll say the fact that my parents loved a variety of music and played albums on the hi-fi a lot. And can I add that my oldest sister taught my brother and I how to jitterbug! I've always loved music!

middle child said...

Oddly enough, I have been thinking about the same thing, that the weeks fly by so swiftly.

Anonymous said...

Remember the gifts of your own childhoods and may your hearts be filled with gratitude for all good things. I love that Susan!

And btw..your last two posts were so enjoyable..the miniature antique doll store...and the gorgeous needle point pillow! What a steal...I cannot believe that!

Ciao Bella!
Creative Carmelina

La Tea Dah said...

I appreciate the close family ties of my childhood --- and miss them all the more now that loved ones are gone.

The windows in your church as absolutely beautiful!

From the Kitchen said...

A beautiful and thought-provoking post, Susan. I was just thinking yesterday of the church that I grew up in. I live in another city now but every time I return to my hometown, I go to church and think about family and friends. Your photos clearly show the beauty of the stained glass.


Linda O'Connell said...

I think of singing the old hymns. And speaking of old, I have moved up to the older generation status in my family too.

debs said...

What a gorgeous church and pictures. I enjoyed your thoughts Susan. Have a great day!!~ XO

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Truly a beautiful church. I am grateful that my family always supported my decisions.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

That church is stunning! I would say I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to know all four of my grandparents, not all my siblings did, and that's special to me.

Bookie said...

How lucky your are to be so rooted, near your childhood church. Due to circumstances this stage of living is seeming very unconnected for me. Your church is beautiful.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Beautiful house of worship!
My mom left with me, a legacy of the knowledge that I was created by and to worship God.
She sacrificed, as a single mom, for me and my sister to go to a private Christian school. it's because of my time there, that I know much of the legacy of history and grace that the Bible gives me now. I am so very grateful that she saw the importance of my knowing Him. :)

diane stetson said...

Lots of memories from that church for me too Susan. Thanks for this post and beautiful pictures. The gift of faith is the best one our parents gave to us ..that is for sure!

Heaven's Walk - said...

There's just something so spiritual and comforting about stained glass windows in churches. And sadly, nowadays, you just don't find them very often. They always bring back fond memories of the big old church I attended as a child. Choir practice, bell choir practice, catechism, candy bar treats for being good in choir practice, and always incredibly moving Christmas and Easter services. :)

xoxo laurie

Susan said...

I love the old churches with the stain glass! They don't make stained glass like they did when some of the old churches were built. I love your photos.

LDH said...

Oh, yes... how did those calender pages flip by so fast? A sweet post, Susan! I love stained glass windows too. Amazing beauty!

Chatty Crone said...

I am thankful for my mom raising me to be a believer - because like you - I will see them again one day.

When we have parents we hadve a cushion beteen us and death - when we lose them - we become the cushion for our children.

I heard a coin phrase - adult orhpans.


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