Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TUESDAY POST: Squirrel Convention in the Chilly Northeast

First and foremost, here comes an admission. Sad but true, I do not like squirrels.

Their frantic, ditsy movements drive me crazy. The frenzied swishing of their busy tails irritates me.  The way they eat the bird food, scavenge on the back porch, and chase each other up the trees in our yard all make me wish they would disappear forever.

Okay, with that said, call me a marshmallow heart, but in this bitter cold winter we've been having, I've felt sorry for the little critters. Coming across a bag of outdated trail mix, instead of tossing it into the garbage can, I put it on a plastic plate and set it out on the back porch floor for, you guessed it, the squirrels.

Suddenly, a squirrel convention got called. The bushy tails flitted in from all directions, like soldiers in a unit.  One nearly flew up the back steps but then gingerly surveyed the plate of peanuts, chocolate chips, and so forth.

When a fellow squirrel tried to get a nibble, the original bushy tail nearly attacked him. Down the steps they both flew and skimmed the surface of the back yard snow. One was after the other and it looked like he was going to attack.

"Nasty squirrel," I said, peering out of the back door window. "You'd think you'd want to share the food, you little brat. Instead, you want to beat up your brother. Shame on you."
 And so it went.  Quite a few of the bushy tailed boys and girls got a nibble, though, and I began to feel a little guilty for spying on them, not to mention snapping these pictures through the  back door's window. Considering they had to be taken through a second screened door, they didn't come out too badly.
Can't you almost hear the crunching of the little "beastie?"

Talk about an exciting afternoon!  woo wee.



From the Kitchen said...

The one creature that our dalmatian, Oliver, can't stand is a squirrel. I really think he could leap tall buildings to get at one. While I wish them well, I don't feed them. They are kind of cute!! Your dessert from yesterday looks delicious! I'm headed to Massachusetts to visit my son and his wife in March. Hoping for good weather.


Olga said...

These are nice pictures. I can't say that I like squirrels, but the one in your pictures is quite cute.

diane stetson said...

NO I don't feed the birds either since rats decided to get to the food...I had to call an exterminator so no more feeding anything outdoors...

Chatty Crone said...


I have had squirrels in the attic 3 times - with one set of babies.

And the gutters have flashing all around them.

This last time my husband just fixed a hole - and when finished - fell through the attic ceiling - both feet! Two holes to repair, I forgot to tell you that!


Linda O'Connell said...

When it was bitter cold and snowy I tossed out old cereal and outdated chopped walnuts. But I don't feed them regularly. I think they are cute, but most people in our area consider them tree rats. We have a couple that live nearby that chase one another up and down the fence.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

No we feed the birds and then squirrels come and eat the bird food then destroy the bird feeders. So I guess we do feed the squirrels.

Bookie said...

Funny,your squirrels! I always liked squirrels, but not any more. This winter they have rooted out and eaten every one of my hens and chicken plants!

Claus said...

While I live close to woods, and I have seen squirrels crossing the street, and jumping on trees, they don't come home. Maybe because of Lucas and Mateo? I would love to feed them though! Bless your heart for feeding them, even though they are not completely to your like ;o)
have a lovely day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

We have squirrels that I see in the trees but that's about it. We don't feed them and so far they stay out of our bird feeders.

A New England Life said...

They are definitely beastly. So are the Crows, but like you if I have old muffins or bread, I throw it out for them in the winter. Even if they are obnoxious as heck, everyday for them is a struggle.

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