Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild Winds Whip New England

Intense wind has been whipping New England lately. Tree branches are scattered helter skelter all over our snow-covered yard and driveway.

Empty containers near the trash cans on the side of the house took off like rockets when the furious wind blasts came.

It sounded like a freight train rolling in as winds up to 45 miles an hour roared through the air.

      "Holy smoke," I said to my husband. "I'm so glad our house is strong and sturdy.  We don't have to worry about the roof flying off."

      Outside on the side porch, a little frog decoration on a swing got a wild ride. 

      Inside, it was most comforting to be hunkered down in a warm home as winter winds rampaged outside.

We couldn't even light a fire in the fireplace as it was way too windy for comfort.

Spring, oh spring, are you coming soon? Think I'll close my eyes and think of this:



Anonymous said...

Wow, Susan. I just viewed your past two posts. I'll bet you're getting tired of the snow. We have been having near 70 degree weather for almost a week now in Missouri. That scares me when I think of what July might be like. I'll be hunkered down in our basement with the ac running full blast. Stay warm.

From the Kitchen said...

I am heading to New England next month to visit my son and his wife and hoping for decent weather!! I'd wait but am anxious to see them. My husband and I will go back in May. Then, in July, off to S.F. to see our other son.


Marydon said...

Our big plans for the year are to survive this hindering USA administration.

Have a beautiful week ~

Linda O'Connell said...

Our friends in Boston are complaining about the wind and the damage also. Hope it blows out to sea soon.

Bookie said...

I am about to give up on the weather. It swings every which way and does crazy things anymore. Rather scary in some ways. Cold again here...but no snow! Hang onto your hat, Susan!

diane stetson said...

Thank God it's warm and sunny here. What a joy not to worry about sliding and slipping and driving in snow and wind and ice. Barb wants to stay an extra week.

Chatty Crone said...

A lot of times the wind is the biggest enemy over cold and snow. You couldn't even light a fireplace - whew. sandie

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