Monday, March 7, 2011

New Book: Thin Threads of Faith and Hope

The other day my husband went out onto the front porch to get the mail out of the mailbox.

"Did you order something?" he asked, handing me a fat envelope.

     "Oh my gosh," I exclaimed, feeling excitement from my toes to my eyebrows. It's the book!

  "The book,"  titled "Thin Threads of Faith and Hope,"  has been published by Kiwi Publishing. The reason for the excitement was that I had a story, titled "Dark Night of the Soul," published inside the book.   It's  a true account of the the last hours of my mother's life on earth, written with an aching heart and tears streaming down my face.

A fellow blogger, Linda from , graciously alerted writers about Kiwi Publishing accepting manuscripts. I checked out their website and decided to submit a story.

Stacey K. Battat  is co-founder of Kiwi Publishing, company President,  and Editor-in-Chief of the Thin Thread inspirational book series. When I first heard  by e-mail, directly from Stacey, she indicated my story was one of hundreds received. Then, she noted  a final 20 stories had been selected, and mine was one of the them.  The book, however, could publish only 10 stories for the final edition.

 Of course, I waited anxiously to see if my story would make the final cut. When I received news that it did,  it made me very happy.   Compensation for the story was $100.


So that's the story of my experience "Thin Threads of Faith and Hope."  If anyone is interested in reading more about this publishing company and the kinds of books they publish, check out their website at Kiwi Publishing.

After I opened the envelope and looked through the book, I "toasted" with a cup of raspberry tea and a small piece of Italian bread with bitter orange marmalade. 



Mariette said...

Dearest Susan,

Congratulations on receiving this treasure in the mail with your story 'Dark Night of the Soul' about your Mom's final hours... Quite emotional but you can be proud for having done this!
Susa, your thumbnail of the 1st photo is not showing either. Please have a look below, that's how I fixed mine too.

Here we go!

To have the first picture of your blogpost showing as a thumbnail on other blogrolls, you go back into Edit post and click the HTML button, Scroll down until you find the HTML code for the first picture in your post. Within that code you will find, once or twice this:


You need to make a couple of modifications, this is what you want -

To RECAP https becomes http:/ / and becomes

Lots of love,


BECKY said...

Susan, Congratulations!! Gosh, I don't remember reading about this before! Did you post it, or were you waiting until you rec'd the book to let us in on it?? I am SO thrilled for YOU! Stacey is an awesome woman and so kind to work with! Do you have any more of the books to sell? If not, I'll order it directly from Kiwi and maybe you could send me a bookplate with your autograph! I'm 100% serious!! Happy day!!

mo said...

Congratulations Susan!

You are a fantastic writer and capture the very hearts of your readers. I ought to know, I am extremely hard to keep interested in any reading material and I love your style.



Bookie said...

Nice news to find first thing this morning, Susan. Good for you! Oh, that mailbox can be such an exciting place!!

Still got winter by the tail here...have a good Monday there.

Claus said...

congratulations!! I have never written a story to be published. I have written views on political or daily happenings to the newspaper, though, and have been published :o) It did feel good!, but was not paid :o(
have a lovely day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan that is wonderful that a special story of yours was published! I am so proud of you! Congrats again!

Chatty Crone said...

Susan - may I say I am not at all surprised that your entry was accepted and in the book - you're an awesome writer. You didn't let anyone in on it though! Congrats to you Susan. AWESOME!

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Linda O'Connell said...

Your excitement and enthusiasm and emotions are palpable. I am so very happy for you! Congratulations.

LDH said...

So very exciting,Susan! Congratulations! :)

diane stetson said...

Congratulations...I want a copy as soon as possible...fabulous news! I'll probably cry reading it...maybe I have in the past already!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Oh my goodness, Susan, that's wonderful. Congratulations!!!


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