Saturday, March 26, 2011

Party Time for the Birthday "Boy"

Birthdays are pretty special occasions.

Every life must be remembered and revered. We recently celebrated my husband's birthday in the best way possible---with dear friends and family gathered around our dining room table. They honored the birthday "boy" while enjoying a home cooked meal. Of course, the room had to be decorated with lots of bobbing balloons  and flickering candles ! (The candles had not yet been added to the brass holders when this photo was taken. Many votive candles, not seen, lined a side hutch.)

It was a little hard to think up a Lenten meatless dinner but not impossible. The final meal consisted of two  homemade quiches, mushroom and onion and crab with sliced almonds on top;  fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce;  mozzarella tomato salad; tiny baby carrots and olives; tortilla chips and salsa;  homemade hummus and pita bread triangles;   potato casserole; and spice cake with homemade cream cheese frosting with coffee almond fudge ice cream.

It was a "delicious," delightful celebration for a very special man, my "forever love."



LDH said...

Happy birthday to your dear husband! A very special celebration for your boy! The menu looks delicious!

diane stetson said...

I like to celebrate by going out to a fancy restaurant and order my favorite meal...a real splurge for me.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday to your hubby. Dinner sounds divine. A friend just stopped by today to give me the handmade birthday card she forgot to give me last week when we were together so it seems by birthday continues even a month after the actual date. I am in the midst of a major cleanup around here. And since I am no minimalist, there's lots to dust and wipe down. Ugh! Have a super Saturday Susan! Best wishes, Tammy

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We usually let the person who is celebrating their birthday decide what they want to eat. My family usually picks take out Chinese food.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday to your dear husband. Your spread - both the table and the food was stunning!

We ususally let the person whose birthday it is pick what or where they want to go or have for dinner.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

A very happy birthday to your Hubby! I love to have a home made dinner at home but we also love little weekend 'getaways' for our Birthdays. hugs, Linda

mo said...

Hi Susan,

Your quiches look fabulous!

He is lucky to have a mom like you!



Leslie said...

Your Lenten meal looks better than my not-Lenten meal ;)
I cannot say on your family-friendly blog how I help my hubby celebrate his birthday :)
But usually it begins with food and dancing :)
Aren't we sooooo blessed to have our men to love and love us back??
Blessings to you both!

Annesphamily said...

Food, friends and family! A special birthday! You are so blessed. Yummy looking food!

Claus said...

At home we like to keep it down. Just the few of us and my dogs. Strangely enough, I love it that way! The quieter, the better. That's just me, I guess :o)
Love the balloons!! They are always the best touch.
Congrats to your husband!

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