Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Pleasure: Pillows

Today's simple pleasure is pillows.

Imagine life without them. How would it be to slip beneath the bed covers and have to lay one's head directly on a hard mattress?

On a living room couch, think what it'd be like to lay back with a good book or to watch a favorite tv show without benefit of resting your head against a soft, comfy pillow.

The more pillows the better. Different fabrics, designs, textures, and colors make pillows fun to buy.

Piled high on a bed, they make a statement.

In the living room, lots of pillows can change the look of the entire room.

On holidays, themed pillows can add to the festive decor.

For me, pillows make a really great simple pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

Another simple pleasure that we take for granted at times. I certainly learned to value pillows not too long ago when I strained my neck after using a new one which didn't have enough support. I was in so much pain and so appreciative of the right one. I love decorative ones too.

Thanks for sharing.
Much love!

Ms.Daisy said...

What beautiful pillows you have! I love looking at them - but have trouble finding just the right one! But I agree, what would we do without them.


Susan said...

Hello Everyone! A warm welcome to Marcia, a blogger from Florida. She is this blog's 199th Follower. Stop by any time, Marcia. So happy to have you.

Now I wonder who is going to be the 200th Follower! This is so exciting. Hugs to all, Susan

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful pillows can make a room look so elegant. Your pillows are wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Dayle said...

A post after my own heart. I adore pillows and, in fact, am almost done making one... my first.

Tammy said...

What a cute Easter pillow. I have pillows everywhere. Freaks some people out when they visit as they just don't seem to know what to do with them when they take a seat. :/ Have a beautiful day. Tammy

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

I agree, Susan!
Pillows are wonderful in any room :-)
I can't seem to convince my hubby of that for some reason lol!
You have some very beautiful cushions, indeed!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Love all your pillows. I couldn't be comfortable without mine. Either could my dog.


As I always say "you can never have too many cushions(and throws, candles, shoes, etc. etc.!) I love your cushions! xx

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice :)

Pillows are the most important accessories in a room. I like the flower tapestry one you shared.


sarah said...

these are that bunny one.

Claus said...

I like pillows, but you know what I like more? pillow cases!! :o) I'm always in the hunt for some good, different, unique ones to add to our home decor. It is, indeed, a simple pleasure.
have a lovely day!

Canadagirl said...

What a simply delicious simple pleasure this is. I cannot imagine not having a pillow to rest my head on. Yes this is a very good simple pleasure indeed.


diane stetson said...

Very nice pictures and pillows..I only have them on my bed..maybe I'd better go shopping!

Chatty Crone said...

I love your pillows - like the top bunny one best! So cute.

Happy St. Pat's Day!


Sandy said...

Pretty pillows! Thank you for sharing!

Donna said...

Oh, Susan, I so agree! Your pillows are yummy! Our home would seem empty without ours!... Donna

Kathy said...

You have some very beautiful, delicious pillows! I agree!!! you can't have too many!
Hope you have a terrific weekend,

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