Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuffed Animal Holiday Menagerie

The stuffed animals that come to mind the most at Easter time are bunnies. They come, of course, in all colors and styles.

The best part of decorating with stuffed animals for the holidays is that they tend to make people smile.

It's important to make children happy but it's equally necessary to keep the "inner child" within ourselves happy.  The children we once were still live! 


With all that said, here's a question. Who concluded Easter was just for bunnies?  All kinds of stuffed animals can join in the Easter fun.

Chicks, for instance, brighten things up with their bright yellow appearance.

Lambie pies tug at hearts. They are so cute they make you want to squeeze them.

Bears, too, get into the Easter fashion. Look at this Miss Teddy Taloulah. Doesn't she look like she's ready for the Easter parade in her gorgeous pink dress?

What would an animal menangerie be without a cow?

Or a frog?

Then there are bears who want to "be" bunnies!

Never underestimate the power of an animal menagerie to bring on the smiles from children of all ages at this special time of year. Let the Easter parade begin!

Today, Writing Straight from the Heart is joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home. Check out her beautiful blog at to see some of the other entries for Show and Tell Friday.

Also joining Diann at The Thrifty Groove for a new Friday party, "Thrifty Things Friday," she is sponsoring. All of the stuffed animals shown in today's post were thrifted at yard sales or thrift shops!

NOTE TO FOLLOWERS OF WRITING STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: There's STILL time to sign up for the giveaway! Go back to Sunday, March 27th's post and make a comment. That's all there is to it. Drawing of the winner's name is tomorrow, April Fool's Day. No fooling!


KarenHarveyCox said...

I just love bunnies. Your collection is lovely.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Love the cheery colors of spring!

Susan :)

Donna said...

Susan, your collection of Easter animals is so sweet! Yes, you have yourself quite an Easter Parade! Do you know that it is SNOWING right now as I am typing this????? Crazy, huh? Welcome to New England!... Donna

LDH said...

With such a fantastic collection of cuddly decorations, I know you just love Easter! You must give them each a little hug each time you set them out :)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love all of these but the bunny in the first pic and the teddy bear all dressed up in her Easter finery particularly called to me!!


Chatty Crone said...

Susan when I saw this blog - which is so cute by the way - I just love the person you are, you are a simple, but great blessing!


mo said...

Hi Susan,

The blue one looks like me after the week I have had...*wink*

I love the frog. He is adorable.

You are right. We must keep the child in us always; especially now.

Have a great Friday.



diane stetson said...

Here Comes Peter Cottontail just got a new meaning and some new verses too because of your Easter collection!

Susan said...

Welcome to Newton Avelino,from Brazil, this blog's 203rd Follower! WELCOME, Newton! Bienvenidos!

Diann said...

Hi Susan! I am so glad you joined me today for my very first TTF party!!
I have finally come out of my denial that the only reason I am addicted to buying cute stuffed animals is because I have a 3 year old little girl. And I buy them all 2nd hand as well. This weekend I plan to start my Easter decorating and I will have the princess pick out some of her (let's just call them HERS) stuffed animals to add to the decor. They just make me smile! and yours are so adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You have me smiling. :)
I am visiting from Diann's new party.

I love that your cow is the brown and white version. And I think you may be pushing Easter a bit with the frog, but frogs do mean SPRING.

Mom2fur said...

Total cuteness! I need to get my bunnies down from the attic! I have a gazillion of them. But I think I need to find some old Beanie babies and pals to dress up for the holiday, too. That is, if I can keep my dog from running off with them! (There is no leaving any small stuffie on my couch. Shadow thinks they are 'his.')

Susan said...

Welcome, welcome to the blogger at "minha casa," from Rio do Sul, Brazil,this blog's 204th Follower. Thanks so much for choosing to Follow. Hope you come to visit often! Bienvenidos! Chao!

Thanks to everyone who comes to visit, whether you are Followers or not. Your visits make me smile. Love, Susan

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the stuffed animals. I have kept many from when my girls were young. I love the Beanie Baby bunnies and I found a ballerina bunny the other day in a box. hugs, Linda

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