Saturday, April 9, 2011

Library Book Sales Are a Reader's Version of Heaven

Whenever there's an announcement for a library book sale anywhere in Western Massachusetts,  my heart starts to pound fast inside my chest. 

Despite shelves in this house being jammed with books, there is no way such a sale is going to be ignored.

After all, there are splendid gift possibilities there, right?

 One can buy great  books for practically pennies, right?

  There are cds, dvds, and movies, too, all for cheapie prices, right?

 Right on for all of those questions.

Okay, so there was a sale a couple of weekends ago that, in the past, has always been great. It definitely did not disappoint. Last Christmas, a highlight of the holiday season was attending a wonderful Kathy Mattea concert. So, at the sale,  when I saw one of her cds for $1, I had to restrain myself from yelling out loud. She has a great voice and I did not have this cd. The sale was off to a great start.

Next came a Play Time for Baby set of two cds! There are always going to be babies born.  Same with the book, "Prayers for Children." The photographs are nicely painted.  Looks like I cannot give this one away because someday I'll have grandchildren. (Please God?)

The late Adelma Simmons used to run Caprilands, a huge herb farm operation in Connecticut so I had to pick up this one. After all, I want to grow some herbs this summer.

Now who cannot benefit from learning more about cooking healthy?  In our home library there are several books by Dr. Andrew Weil. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. So I was happy to pick up these old-fashioned cassette tapes to listen to.

This one will be great to care for items offered on my eBay site:

Well, I don't like posts to be too long so that's all I'll share today about my new found library book sale treasures.

When I read about books someday being obsolete, replaced entirely by Nooks, one thought flashes through my mind, namely, hope I'm dead by then because I love books.



Chatty Crone said...

I LOVE GOOD OLD REGULAR BOOKS! Ones that I can hold and mark on and love.
I love the library books sales too.
And Rosie has a lot of good recipes.
It's sad to think that books may be a thing of the past.
Love this blog.

La Tea Dah said...

Real, paper bound books, any day! I have been only slightly temped by the Kindle. I notice that stylists at the beauty shop using Kindles to read while they are waiting for their next client. It's very convenient for them and if they were depending upon a paper book, I doubt they would be reading because it is a bit more cumbersome in that circumstance. You found some really nice books there!

Bookie said...

To be fair, I haven't used a tech book but that is because I can't imagine not reading a real book! You had a good haul at your book sale too.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I haven't had the opportunity to use a Tech reading device and I can see the convenience of it when you are traveling or in a Waiting Room or something along those lines. But I would never give up my decor and gardening books. There is something about curling up with them and a good cup of Tea!!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Susan,
I will never want a tech book over a real book. I love books; always have! There is something so cozy about a library of books or a shelf of books in one's home. I have a friend who is getting rid of all of his old books. I just couldn't do that. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


A Few Pennies said...

I could get lost there looking through books! Great finds.

diane stetson said...

REAL BOOKS FOR ME ...I hate ANYTHING to do with technology.

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