Friday, April 15, 2011

"One Is Silver and the Other's Gold"

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 Remember the Girl Scout round that went like this?:

                             "Make new friends
                              But keep the old,
                              One is silver
                              And the other gold."

Neither was better than the other, of course, and both were quite precious .

Well, when it comes to decorating, people usually have a preference of either silver or gold.

Personally, I'm a gold person. Whether it's summer sandals,  costume jewelry, or household accents, gold, more so than silver, has always been more appealing. That's why it's surprising that I've been drawn to silver vases lately.

One afternoon, while sauntering around a Goodwill Store, a silver vase with thick satiny rope around its rim, beckoned  from one of the shelves. It made a rather dramatic statement and in my mind's eye, I could picture it filled to the brim with beautiful flowers like stargazer lilies and tall, regal gladiola.

The price on the bottom of the vase was a shocker----$1.29!  Sold.

Sure enough, it's a lovely vase for tall flowers, especially, don't you think?

When our daughter got married a few years ago, we hosted a a Jack and Jill shower (both men and women are invited) for the happy couple. It took place at Christmas time. White roses in silver vases served as table centerpieces since the theme was silver and white.  They were so pretty. I still have two of the vases, shown below:

In two additional thrift stores, on separate occasions, (can you tell thrift store shopping is an addiction?),  I found more silver treasures. One was a  silver tray that  could not be passed up since the price on the bottom was 79 cents.

The other item happened to be a very pretty, dainty silver vase with a kind of wavy top edge. It was only about seven inches tall and cost $2.79.

It looks great set up up the tray, such as shown in the photo at the top of the post and below:

Here comes a question for all you blogging photographers out there. Have you ever attempted photographing silver vases? You practically have to lay down on the floor to avoid getting your own reflection in the vase. Challenging, to say the least!  When this blog began, I had no idea it would include becoming a contortionist but it's worth it to get the photos to accompany the text! :)



Chatty Crone said...

Susan - I love your silver - it's pretty - I never thought about it being hard to photograph. I too am a gold person - in jewelry!
And your flowers are so pretty!

Bookie said...

I wear both silver and gold at the same time. I never could make up my mind which was a favorite so when both could be worn fashionably, I went for the new trend!

Lovely pictures of your silver!

La Tea Dah said...

My coloring is "spring" which means silver is my color. But, in my home, I prefer gold. I love all your vases!

Shanae Branham said...

I love the silver! It's so shiny and your shots of the flowers are extraordinary. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts about my son sitting in a tree this summer below the moon. It was a pleasant thing to think about. Cheers!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful silver!

Linda O'Connell said...

Susan, it's gold for me, but your silver vases are elegant. You are the decorating queen.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am both Silver & Gold. You found some really awesome silver items. I love that vase! hugs, Linda

Patricia Preston said...

What great finds! I love silver.

Claus said...

I think each has its charm, and it will depend on the rest of the items around that particular piece. There is gold and silver at home, and each looks very nice where they are :o)
Lovely pieces you showed! I liked them with the fresh flowers in them.
Have a lovely day!

Karen Lange said...

So lovely! I really enjoy your photos. :) That Girl Scout poem brings back memories.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Truly swoon worthy images. I am a golden girl! :)

MeMeSue said...

I adore silver! I use to be a gold girl years ago and then one day just switched it up and never went every once in awhile I'll done some silver tho. As to my house...I was alway just a crystal gal...does that mean I love diamonds...LOL When I really started thrifting and saw all the silver to be had...I bought a few pieces...polished them up and fell in love! Still LOVE my crystal/cut glass but now throw the silver into the mix.

Thanks for sharing...I would have been all over the big vase with the roping....drool!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, you are so funny! Yes, I can relate! When I photographed my vintage silver water pitcher that I use to hold my wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, etc. in the kitchen, I couldn't get rid of ME in the reflection! haha

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Susan!... Donna

diane stetson said...

I think real silver is way too hard to clean...don't like it...even though it is very pretty. I just hate the work involved.

LDH said...

I like silver. Even my wedding rings are white gold. I love my silver pieces even though they require frequent polishing. Your new pieces are beautiful!

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