Sunday, April 3, 2011


Saturday turned out to be a great day. (Hope it was a good day for you, too.)

After breakfast, coffee, and reading the morning paper, I couldn't wait to get into the car and drive to a church's annual spring indoor "tag" sale. This is a big event that has increased in  popularity every single year. People actually wait in droves outside the door for the 9 a.m. opening.  Been there, done that, but don't do it anymore. I really don't  like pushing and shoving and prefer to go in more calmly.

It was probably 9:30 a.m. when I got there and overheard one of the church workers say people arrived like locusts and pretty much cleaned out all of the tables. Glancing at the line-up, there was still a huge amount of "stuff" so I can only imagine how much there was previously.

Being very discerning these days about what comes home with me, I bought with this Victorian looking lady, possibly for a dollhouse, since she had the prettiest face, and cost only $2; a cd of music from the movie, Titanic, for $1; and two packages of tea lights for 25 cents a pack. Thought that was a pretty good deal.

Since it was the weekend, my car automatically veered into a Goodwill store parking lot, too. ( So strange how my car does that.) I have to put the skids on impulse buying unless it's something that's possibly saleable on eBay, can be a gift item, or is something really special for the house. That last category is actually a poor excuse because there is already way too much stuff in this house.

Anyway, a beautiful, tall cobalt blue bottle  (shown at the top of today's post) could not be passed up. Made in Spain, originally $12.99, the Goodwill price tag on it read $4.50 with a slash through it so I think it cost only $2.25. It's a nice bottle. At first, it fell into the "gift" category but since it's so pretty, I'm keeping it. (Does that still count as a gift?)

Also found was this adorable, sparkly winged angel, holding the hands of a small girl. Now this is going to be a gift for someone whose daughter is expecting a girl. Isn't the face of the little one precious?

Other highlights of the day included a small French vanilla icy coffee drink from my favorite coffee place (I added the word "small" to assuage my guilt); blogging, of course; going to church so I won't have to go today; catching up on family and friends' news via Facebook; and having my favorite orange chicken, from Trader Joe's, for supper, with veggies and rice.

While I usually love spending a day like this with a friend or family member, Saturday I went solo and still had a great time.



sarah said...

that angel with the little 'angel' is the adorable...and perfect..what a find and the blue on the bottle...very cool. Love your finds.....

Adrienne said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day. I really don't mind going places by myself - even having lunch out alone.

The first little doll is lovely.

Next week I'm taking a whole day off to go to the new Hobby Lobby in Spokane and a few other places. I talked to someone who suggested I set aside a minimum of two hours for my first trip to Hobby Lobby.

Do you have a Hobby Lobby where you live? I see them talked about all the time on girlie blogs and their stores look lovely. I can't handle Michaels. Too crowded, dark, and expensive.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Susan, I love that cobalt blue bottle. It's nice sometimes to have a quiet day on your own. I don't do crowds so would have arrived late to to the sale too. I think it is so much nicer to find gift items in such places rather than always buying something new. I had a crafty today and will do more of the same. Also meeting a friend for lunch today. Spring Break is a wonderful thing. :) Tammy

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You found some cute things. Loved the blue bottle. Yesterday I took my mother out and we went to Michael's to buy cotton yarn. Another blog I read had just made these adorable dish cloths and I do knit but not well.Soooo my mother is going to make them for me. Today I am going to breakfast with my sons girlfriend. Enjoy the rest of the day!!

Bookie said...

Your day sounded delightful. I love the pleasure of my own company on such days when they arise. Really like the blue bottle. Know you have greens, reds, and ambers. Do you have many blues already too?

Chatty Crone said...

I love all your finds - but my favorite is the blue cobalt bottle. I have seen these bottled color trees on the blogs and I think I want to do one - that would be perfect. You sounded like you had a GREAT day.


Susan said...

I love the Victorian lady and the little angel!! I love the cobalt blue bottle. I have a collection of cobalt blue items!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

Great finds! I did bargain shopping - the food kind. By the time I left the store, I got four boxes of cereal for free, a coupon for $4.50 off a gallon of milk, and 40 Swagbucks. I had fun. :)


diane stetson said...

I did some reading, my favorite hobby, and then did some baking and choral conducting at was a relaxing wonderful weekend.

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