Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessings to Mothers Everywhere!

Today, we celebrate mothers everywhere.

Being a mother is truly the most rewarding  job in the world, and the hardest.

Most mothers try, with all their hearts, to guide, love, and nurture their children. We hope and dream the very best for them.

After carrying babies in our bodies for nine months, we go through the pain of childbirth, followed by sleepless nights, diapers, teething, and distinguishing dozens of different kinds of cries.

It's all worth it when we look deeply into the eyes of our babies and see the smiles on their tiny lips. At such moments, a mother's heart just about breaks from being so filled with love.

Today when I think about being a mother to my own two grown children, tears fill my eyes. If I could go back for just one day to when they were little, and hug them, once again,  to my heart, it would be so wonderful.

If I could right all the wrongs and correct all the mistakes I made in parenting, it'd be great but there's no going back. Like my own Mom, who's gone from this earth, there is comfort in knowing I did the best I could to raise caring, decent children.  Also, because I am  human,  I was bound to make small and big mistakes.

Today, I continue to love my children with every fiber of my being and always will.

I guess that's what Mother's Day is all about ---the capacity to love without end.

To every mother, and future mother, reading this post, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, filled to the brim and then overflowing with all the love in this world  and beyond.




Chatty Crone said...

I agree with everything you said - I know what you mean and sometimes I wish I could go back too.

Happy Mother's Day Susan.

The hardest part of being a mother for me - is the letting go part.

The best part of being a mother for me - was that I had some great kids - to let go!


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Happy Mom's Day to you!

Rebecca said...

The hardest part of it is being human - making mistakes, falling short of my own expectations or ideals, and forgiving myself.

The best part - Seeing each of them now raising their families beautifully. Grandchildren!

Linda O'Connell said...

Happy Mother's Day, Susan. By the time I became a grandmother, I had the patience I needed for being a mom. I have a wonderful daughter and son and two great step-daughters.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy Mother's Day Susan! What a beautiful post! I think most Mother's feel that way. I agree with Sandie letting go was so hard but the joy in seeing them make their own way in the world is awesome. The best is having the wonderful loving relationships I do with both of my girls! hugs, Linda

A New England Life said...

Susan, you said that so well. It's definitely a difficult job, and you know my challenges. So often I wish the same thing, that I could go back for even just a moment to hold my babies in my arms. But I can't.

The hardest part of being a parent, for me, has been seeing my daughter go through depression. That was the worst.

The best part is knowing I was able to give my girls the life I always wanted from my own parents, but never got. Showering them with love, understanding, and discipline is something every child deserves.

Happy Mothers Day, Susan!

Diann said...

Wonderful post Susan and all so true. The hardest part of being a mom for me, is always having the fear in he back of my mind "did I make the right choice?" the best part, Oh the smiles!! The cuddling together and just talking. The amazing pure trust she has in me. Oh, lets face it, there are so many "Bests"! Happy Mother's Day Susan!

Karen Lange said...

Lovely post Susan, in word and in pictures! Perhaps the hardest part of being a mother is letting go. But then even that has it's perks, such as my son getting married and having our grandson...:)

Happy Mother's Day!

Susan said...

Hello Everyone! Hope each of you has had a wonderful day.

Sending a warm welcome, "bienvenidos", to Leo Leandry, this blog's 225th Follower. Leo makes lovely dolls. Check out her blog by clicking on her photo in the Followers boxes in this blog's sidebar. Hope you come often, Leo!

Dearest regards to all! Susan

LDH said...

Happy Mother's Day, Susan! Another heartwarming post! For sure, if I could right all the mistakes in mothering! Now they know having their own children, it isn't easy making the right decision every time. :)

diane stetson said...

The best part of being a Mother is seeing my children grown up into wonderful human beings..very successful ones and of course seeing the beautiful grandchildren my son has given me and seeing the sweet, thoughtful girl my daughter turned out to be. I am grateful to the LORD for all the good things.

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