Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pistachio Gelato: Delicioso!

Sometimes daughters have a bad but delicious influence.

Don't get me wrong. I love my daughter but recently she introduced me to something so yummy, it's hard to pass by the case in the supermarket where it's stored. 

It's pistachio gelato made by Ciao Bella Gelato Co., Inc., in Florham, N.J.  Gelato is a frozen confection, very popular in Italy.  It's supposed to be less fattening than ice cream and has intense flavor.

After buying it, I found out my daughter actually purchases a different brand. Tried that one, too,  and liked it but liked Ciao Bella's better!

Now Ciao Bella's pistachio gelato is not diet food. Uh uh. It's 250 calories for a half a cup but that half cup is so delightful, smooth, creamy, and tasty, it's worth the cals.  One can always do more laps while swimming and promise to hit the treadmill, right?

The Ciao Bella Gelato Company was founded in 1983. Why I haven't come across this tasty product until now is anybody's guess.

The company also makes ice cream and some exotic sounding sorbets.

For now, pistachio gelato is the Number One popular summertime dessert around here. How could it be otherwise for a product that advertises to be "intensely savory?"

Smooth, creamy gelato and crunchy, flavorful pistachio nuts combine to make a really tasty treat. Who could ask for anything more? 

It's hard to say "arrivaderchi" to this dessert!

P.S.  Just for the record, I have absolutely no connection with the Ciao Bella company and get
no payment of any kind  from them.  Just love their pistachio gelato!


Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, Susan. Gelato is supposed to be less fattening. Would love to try that brand. Love the name too. I love pistachios so I am definitely tempted.

Ciao, bella! ;) Buona sera.

diane stetson said...

Well here is another treat I will be having in Italy...Yay gelato! Can't wait to try it in Rome. I hear it is wonderful!

LDH said...

Good morning, Susan!

Do you know one of my favorite things are pistachios? It is my very favorite flavor of ice-cream. The Gelato sounds amazing! Oh, Yum!

mo said...

Hi Susan, I have been looking for a perfect gelato. This sounds fantastic.

My favorite gelato combo is a scoop each of coconut and dark chocolate. . . I get this treat when I am in Hawaii.

I need to get some soon. Yum!



Chatty Crone said...

I love Gelato too - but I might go for the chocolate - mixed a little pistachio - and then a little cherry - and have spumoni! Can I get all that in a half a cup?

Dayle said...

That would be my downfall, Susan. I love pistachios! I've never heard of this either, and I don't think we have it down here, but maybe (maybe) I'll look for it. Lord knows I don't need the calories, though. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love Gelato. There is a great little Gelato shop in Newburyport that I always make a pit stop in. Guess what I get, yup pistachio!!!

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