Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enjoy Each Moment

In these last precious days of summer, really take time to look at the beauty that surrounds you.

Each moment counts. Look at the green grass, especially when it's covered with the morning's misty dew.

See the sun coming through the trees that are still covered with leaves. Look at the lovely patterns it makes on the grass.

Look up at the blue sky and gaze at its immensity. Watch the white clouds dancing in the wind across the heavens.

Relish every blossomed flower and listen to the songs of the birds. They are incredible gifts.

Today, on this Sunday, wherever you are, be aware of the magnificence that is in front of you.  It is yours to cherish, to appreciate, and to enjoy.



Mom Daughter Style said...

i just went to a zumba class and it was fun. thank you for visiting my blog the other day, Im your latest follower. I love the pictures posted here in your site.

Dianne said...

Indeed! I'm headed to the beach this morning before it gets too hot!

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!

Sending out a warm welcome to 2 new Followers, Mom Daughter Style from Hawaii, and one other person (don't know who you are but welcome).

The two of you are this blog's 247th and 248th Followers. Thank you SO MUCH for Following.

Take care and I hope all of you reading this have an absolutely splendid Sunday. Susan

p.s. I have to send this "anonymous" because Blogger won't let me comment on my blog through my Google account.Anyone who knows why, please tell me. Thanks. :)

Kit said...

It is a cloudy, lovely Sunday morn here in the mountains and I am going to breakfast with my hubby. I am really enjoying the perk up my flowers have received with the cooler weather. So pretty! Kit

Kansas Amy said...

Thanks for the reminder Susan! There is beauty all around!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Phooey! I didn't do anything fun today. It was back to school and then trying to keep up. I'm trying to get into a routine so that daily chores aren't so overwhelming. I wonder why you are having such a time with your google account? Hope you get it sorted out. Best wishes, Tammy

diane stetson said...

I went to mass and sang with our wonderful choir and now I'm RELAXING reading a good book out in the sunshine.

Chatty Crone said...

I think this post is wonderful today Susan and so true.

You have to look for and enjoy the beauty of the day. Some one wrote me - Life isn't a dress rehearsal - so true. Live and love now.

I spent time with my daughter today - we went to lunch and a movie. It was good to have a girl day.


beauty said...

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