Friday, September 30, 2011

Shop Owners Living Their Bliss

Two friends who are both talented artists and craftswomen, decided they wanted to open their own shop.

While some people dream of doing something like that, Debbie Chase and Gloria Greaves took action. Their "dream" store opened in March in Western Massachusetts. The owners are now following their bliss.

Today, there are 25 artists and craftsmen who sell their wares at the store.  They each pay a monthly sum to the store owners as well as a percentage of each sale. The owners pay the store's rent, sales tax, advertising, and promotions.

Everything in the attractively arranged store is handcrafted. From photos and  greeting cards to scarves and jewelry,  a feast for the eyes awaits. 

Seasonal holiday decor abounds such as this little fellow, ready for Halloween:

Humorous tags for gifts can also be found:

Items with numerous different painting techniques tempt the shopper:

There are even Sisterhood pins, made from tiny clothespins. They all wear different outfits. Attached to paper backing, on the reverse side are sayings such as "Sisters are the bacon bits in the salad of life."

There's even a big froggie "pillow" of sorts, looking down on all the store's goings on.

Here's good news. The store plans to eventually do mail order. They currently have a Facebook address so check them out:  


Bookie said...

There are some very cute things here...and I always like a success story~!!! Good for your pals!

Anonymous said...

I love the "do these pants make me look fat" I love to hear success stories!


Diane said...

woot woot! It worked! I tried to comment last night and the other day on the doll. It gets frustrating when you cannot leave a comment.

Love your post!

diane stetson said...

Love some of the paintings...the one with flowers is so pretty.

Linda O'Connell said...

I like that tole painted angel. Wish there was a store nearby. we do have craft shows around here on weekends. Ahh, to live your dream.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fantastic! I love, love, love that everything is handmade. And those those little clothespin sisters are absolutely adorable! Cute tags too. Hope your day is fabulous! Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

Personally I love stores like this - do they have some bling there?


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