Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bye Bye Christmas Decorations-----Until We Meet Again

Okay, everybody, today is the day.

This is the day that the piles of Christmas adornments, garlands, Santas, and eight million other decorations are going to be placed in plastic tubs and hauled up to the attic.

Why is that such an odious task?

 Because it makes me feel like Methusalah with every bone in my body aching? 

Because I love taking everything out but hate putting it all away?

 Because it's not fun? Mmmmm. I think every single one of those could be checked.

 Honestly, by the time most of the boxes get hauled up to the Inner Sanctum, there may not be enough pizazz left to disassemble the tree. Maybe that can be saved 'til tomorrow.

Did you see the sweet little deer I got this year?

 These were so darned cute and they were only $1 each at Family Bargain store.

 Now, I needed more decorations like another hole in the head but these just about butted their antlers at me to take them home.

Today, they will be wrapped in tissue and  placed in the plastic tub 'til the next Christmas season.

It's supposed to be very c-c-c-c-old today so if it snows a lot and the temps are frigid, I'll be taking my breaks in front of the fireplace.

Ahhhhhhhh, such a luxury.

  Of course, I feel exceedingly grateful for our pink fireplace.

(And for my husband who builds a great fire.)

So bye bye for now.

As I put each decoration away, I'm also going to give thanks for such a splendid holiday season from start to finish and that includes visits from y-o-u!



Chatty Crone said...

Well - I skype with my grandson - who is one (and his dad - my son) - and he started walking this Christmas and he looks soooooooooo cute. Your decorations are so beautiful that is why it is sad to see them go. love, sandie

diane stetson said...

Well I'd have to say being with both my children and grandchildren, seeing three lovely Christmas musicals including a wonderful organ concert and sing a long and seeing magnificent Christmas lights from a neighborhood where my son lives. I put all my things away today too. Goodbye till next Christmas..into my closet they went.

Journeyin' Lady... said...

It is also a bittersweet time when I put my Christmas decorations away for the year. I love having them up but also love the fresh open feeling of having my "old" space back.
My best memories of the season was having Christmas lunch with my "Fresno Five" (older son Russ, daughter-in-law Denise and Stanley, Mary and Will, and also Jorden, the best grandchildren in the world.) two days before Christmas. Then Christmas weekend with son Gary and Vivian and numerous friends on our deck. Yes, the weather was perfect!
Happy 2012 to you!

Linda O'Connell said...

I was so confident that I had put all of my stuff away, went into the bathroom and found my "singing santa in the bathtub". Press the button, he wiggles his toes, and also the towel behind his neck and sings Splish Splash I was taking a bath. Nicole is going to miss that.

Bookie said...

I used to be more than ready to get rid of Christmas. I am not so eager these days...maybe it is the faster passage of years...

Zaa said...

Greetings...Yes we prepare for the excitement of Christmas, months in advance and then POOF in two days it's all gone...Hopefully you've retained just enough of the magic in your heart to prepare for the New Year and herald in a renewed Spirit to get you through 2012... May all your dreams and wishes come true... Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am your newest follower. I was recommended to visit your blog by my friend Chatty Crone :) I love doing the decorating for Christmas! And you have some beautiful christmas decorations there, there deers are adorable. It's sad to see it go isn't it? We haven't taken ours down yet, I know it's time though so they will have to come down at some stage this week.
Enjoy your day and may 2012 bring you a lot of happiness and good days!
Greetings from Ireland.


BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Yes, putting out all the Christmas decorations is a fun and happy time. And then..the putting them away afterwards..kind of makes me sad. When I was growing up, my parents always took the Christmas tree down (it was a real one, of course!) and put away the ornaments a day or so after my birthday....because it's on the date of The Epiphany!(We didn't have TONS of decorations like now days, so it was pretty fast and easy!) Your tree is just gorgeous! Happy New Year, Susan!

Susan said...

Hello Everyone!

I want to welcome Eva, an artist from Sweden who lives in Ireland. She is this blog's FIRST FOLLOWER FROM 2012! Yeahhhhhh.

Eva, hope you'll stop by often.

Take care everyone. We have begun face freezing weather in Massachusetts. Whooo wee, it's chilly tonight. Have had the fireplace going since 3 p.m. Nice and cozy.

Take care. Hugs to all. Susan

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