Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mickey Is One, Lovable Bunny!


Bunnies are adorable and soft.

Like babies, everyone loves bunnies. Unfortunately, some people buy them for their children without realizing that bunnies are not toys.

That happens a lot around this time of year because it's almost Easter.

What kid wouldn't love to have a little Easter bunny of his or her own?  However, it would be a bad idea to buy a living bunny since it would require a lot of care. Better stick with the stuffed animal kind!

Bunnies are intelligent and loving but are not low maintenance pets, according to a first-class bunny lover, Jade.  She resides in a small town in Massachusetts.

Her own bunny, Mickey, is the sweetheart shown in this post. He will celebrate his fifth birthday in June. He's a chunky bun bun, weighing a little over five pounds.

Jade is shown to the right with her beloved Mickey.

Jade said Mickey is a "treat hound." He comes out of his cage, which is kept underneath the family's kitchen table, every day.

Jade also associated with House Rabbit Connection, Inc., an organization whose mission is to “take in adoptable, abandoned rabbits, provide temporary foster care for them, get them spayed and neutered, and to find permanent, quality indoor homes for them.”

Jade has had rabbits as pets for many years. She knows all their likes and dislikes. For instance, rabbits love tunnels and to be under things, like tables and chairs.

They can make wonderful pets,  Jade said. They need to be brushed because they don’t have a mechanism to help them regurgitate.

Anyone contemplating getting a bunny as a pet needs to be educated.

A bunny cannot be kept for a few weeks and then set free outside. Setting a rabbit free could be dangerous for the animal because a domesticated rabbit doesn’t know how to survive in the great outdoors.

By the way, Jade is a fellow blogger. You can read a lot more about rabbits on her blog, titled The Zen of Bun.

The photos of Mickey and Jade shown today were all taken at a rabbit education and adoption event held this spring by House Rabbit connection at Petco in Pittsfield, MA.



LDH said...

We had a rabbit for years when the kids were small. It was a loped-ear bunny but he got bigger than we thought and we built a large hutch outside for him. We enjoyed Benjamin but wouldn't have a rabbit again. Dogs are my all time favorited pet.

Chatty Crone said...

I used too but I don't anymore - they used to have them at school too. They sure are cute. sandie

☻Fida Bosu☺ said...

What a chubby bunny! I want to cuddle Mickey!! ;)

diane.stetson said...

Our preschool had bunnies for years but they've cut that out now...It was getting too expensive. I like seeing them in the pet store! Cute bunny pics!

Lynn said...

My cousins had a bunny for years and years. When everyone else had dogs, they had Bunnie. For good post because I know that many people by bunnies for children and have no idea what the adorable animal needs. Thank you for sharing and I may hop over to Jade's site to learn more. Her bunny is beautiful. Blessings.

Jade said...

Hi, Susan! Thanks for posting the pictures of Mickey--bunny diva that he is, he always loves to be in the spotlight! (I just wish I was as photogenic as he is.)

If any of your readers have questions about rabbits, whether it be about adopting or about rabbits and rabbit care, they can contact the House Rabbit Connection Hopline, either by email at info@hopline.org or by calling (413)525-9222. They can also contact me by email at jade@jademyst.com.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

My nephew and his wife have several pet Bunnies!!

Happy Easter to you and yours!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good post! I have never had a rabbit as a pet but that Mickey sure is cute! me, I'm a cat girl!

Susan said...

Hello Sweet Blog Readers!

Hope your day is terrific today.

I want to welcome this blog's newest Follower, #289! However, I don't know who you are.

If you want to identify yourself, that'd be super. But if you don't, just know that you are VERY WELCOME.

I LOVE new Followers and feel so happy you want to visit this blog, my labor of love!

Hugs to all! Susan

Kit said...

Yes, I do! When my hubby's friend built a new home a bunny showed up and now this bunny lives in the workshop and visits with all the guys on carving days. His name is Scuppers! Kit

Paula said...

Well, what a day brightener to wake up to the incomparable Mr Mick. And, BONUS!, the lovely Ms Jade. So pleased to see you two together. A wonderful post for a wonderful bunfamily.

Linda O'Connell said...

I love bunnies of all kinds, real, ceraic, stuffed animals. This is one honey bunny!

Carol said...

What a timely and wise post. It should be required reading for anyone contemplating getting a bunny.

Karen Lange said...

My daughter had two rabbits when she was growing up. The first one was black; she called him Midnight. The other was a dwarf variety (I forget which one) and she called her Honey. She took good care of them, but we made her research them first so she would know what to do.

Have a great week,

Lorna Appleby said...

The quick sales pitch on bunnies.. ;)

They can be litterbox trained like cats. Also, like cats, they need room to roam and play and explore. You wouldn't leave a kitty locked up in a cage all day, bunnies are as smart, energetic and more social. As prey animals, most don't enjoy being picked up and they take a while to warm up to us icky predators -- but once they do you have a friend for life. (Their's being 10 - 12 years!)

The downsides, of course, is they chew cords (cat's claw furniture, dogs chew stuff too), they are expensive in the vet's office, and they will soon rule you with an iron paw. Dogs have masters, cats have servants, rabbits have slaves. :)

Zantippy Skiphop said...

Hi! I love what you said about rabbits so much! I used to volunteer at the Wildlife Care Center in South Florida, and every year in the couple months after Easter, we would get flooded with abandoned Easter presents. That is how I got our first two rabbits, Cricket and Grasshopper. I was so stupid back then about what a rabbit is like, but read the House Rabbit Society's book and also a local group's book, How to Love a lagomorph. Because of those books, our rabbits have always been house rabbits, free to run around their bunny-proofed house. My main stupidness was not realizing how they can rip each other apart unless they are bonded. But all is happy now lol!

We love our rabbits so much, and we did end up having a rabbit who not only loved to be held, but his favourite place was in our arms. That was our Max. He died at 9 years old, I wish bunnies lived longer!

Anyway, I'm going to use Jade's picture for my "Writers and their Rabbits" page on my blog - I'll let you know when it is there and I'll also tell Jade! I love your blog!

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