Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flowers Are Starting to Bloom

Every day when I walk out the front door, my eyes zoom in on our front yard flower garden.

It's just a small round circle but it holds a lot of hope for some pretty blooms.

See the tree trunk in the middle, where the pot is sitting?  There used to be a big, beautiful tree growing there. It shaded half of our front yard.

When it got some kind of disease and dead branches kept filling the front lawn, we had to have it taken down.

I thought my heart would break that summer day since trees are so special and seeing them cut down makes me very, very sad.

 However, in this case, there was no choice.     

Last fall I found muscari and tulip bulbs.  I already posted about that  here.

 In my mind's eye, I wanted the gorgeous blue colored muscari to share space with all pink tulips.

Mother Nature, however, wanted more of a rainbow of flowers because the "pink" tulips are turning out to be white, red, and even yellow!

It's so exciting to see each new little blossom looking up to the sky.

The muscari are very picturesque.

 Next year I'll double the amount of bulbs we plant so they'll come in thicker. They are still beautiful, though.

This is such a lovely time of year. Even though the temps are still quite cool, I love it.

When the sun pours down, it warms everything up. 

Sometimes I just stand out in the yard, look up, and let the sun illuminate my face. 

Do you do that, too?

In the meantime, I sure hope you enjoy each moment of this precious day.  You deserve it!

Today we are joining Home and Garden Thursday on Kathy's blog, A Delightsome Life. 

Go on over and pay her a visit!



Linda O'Connell said...

Your flowers are so pretty. Mother nature has her ways. I bought a flat of pink flowers, and one came up white.

jeanetteann said...

Your tulips are so lovely. It's so sad about the tree. They take so long to grow too. Still it will be lovely with all the flowers. Yes I do stand and feel the warmth on my face. I did that today sitting on a bench at the waters edge (at the beach) only when it isn't too hot though,don't want any more wrinkles.:)

LDH said...

So pretty! I am sad when a tree is lost too. Your flowers have made the spot beautiful in its absence.

Bernideen said...

Your garden is lovely and so springy! You have done a great job with your blog!

Lady Linda said...

Hi Susan, I love your flowers. We had a tree taken down last Dec in the backyard and I have a stump sticking up too. I love what you did around your stump. I'll have to think about your plan a bit.
Our tulips have been gone for a long time....I love them.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Too hot here already. Everything is wilting from the dust and heat. Your blooms are beautiful. And what a nice surprise to see more than just pink out there. I love a mix of colors and blooms. Have a great day! Tammy

diane.stetson said...

Flowers bloom all year around here. I love to drive around and look at them all. I love all kinds of blooms. Have a great day.

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