Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lovely Lilacs

Guess what're blooming?  Lilacs!

These delicate and fragrant flowers are among my favorites.

The minute I get a whiff of them, it propels me back to childhood.

Walking to elementary school on spring days, the lovely, sweet scent of these beautiful flowers air filled the air.

I remember, as a child, burying my nose in the blossoms, inhaling deeply.  

Then, if a fat black and yellow bumblebee flew nearby, I ran away as fast as the dickens.

Lilacs come in different colors, including pink and white, but my absolute favorites are light purple. 

When our kids were little, I chose to be a stay-at-home Mom. Consequently, we had very little spending money.

 I'd go around the neighborhood and snip big bunches of lilacs. 

Then, they'd go in several different vases which I placed in almost every single room. It made me feel rich beyond measure!

Naturally, with the bouquet currently on our kitchen table, I went nuts with the camera while inhaling the sweet, familiar scent. 

You've got to enjoy them to the hilt because lilacs go by fast. So if you see any, take a big sniff and enjoy. 

But watch out for those fat, buzzing bumblebees!



Kathe said...

I grew up in Spokane, Wa, The Lilac City. There was a big parade downtown every year in honor of the lilac. They have always been one of my favorite flowers. Since we moved to CO I have always missed having a bush in our own yard and like you, I would stealthily snip some from the neighbors :) Last year we finally planted one in our yard! A Miss Canada lilac in memory of Mr. B's grandmother who had recently passed away. It is still small but has many blooms. I won't cut any off this year, I want her to get BIG before I do. But, I can go out and smell her lovely fragrance in the light of day lol. Yours are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

diane.stetson said...

OH I love lilacs, lilac perfume and anything associated with those gorgeous flowers. It's too hot here to have them where I live but I remember them from my childhood too and I LOVED all the photos. I could smell them just looking at the pictures. Thank you!

Linda O'Connell said...

I think lilacs are God's gift. The fragrance induces calm, and makes me feel like I do when I slip into a warm comfy robe on a cold day, or when I eat a decadent piece of chocolate. My favorite floral fragrance. I could almost smell your photos.

LDH said...

So very pretty! It is sad that something so beautiful with the most lovely scent should last for so short a period of time. Your home must smell heavenly :)

Bookie said...

Such lovely lilacs! They are a favorite of mine...come and gone here this season. Happy Mother's Day weekend, Susan.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I grew up surrounded by magnolias and azaleas in the south. Don't ever remember seeing lilacs but they sure are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day! Tammy

Diane said...

Hi Susan,

I too stayed home with my kids so money was VERY, VERY tight. I do not have any lilacs but wish I did after seeing this post and the beauty on your table. If I lived close, I would sure come visit and take some clippings to brighten my kitchen as it's a mess right now. I wish I could write as beautiful as you... Everytime I read your post it's as if I'm right there in your stories. What a gift you have and I feel special that I get to go on your journeys.


Karen said...

Our lilacs have already bloomed and are gone! Before Mother's Day! But thankfully I can enjoy them again with your post.

Chatty Crone said...

I think they have bloomed and gone already here too, but they were pretty. sandie

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