Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going to the Car Wash

 A hot summer day is a perfect time to go to the car wash.

When my car is shiny clean, I'm happy.

So one recent day, as temps hovered in the high 80s, I drove to my favorite car wash.

First, a box behind a metal bar gobbled up five and one dollar bills. 

An automated voice came out of the box, asking if I wanted to upgrade.  No, I just wanted the cheapie $6 wash. Good enough for me.

Once I paid, the bar in front of the car lifted up and I drove to the building where the car wash is located.

An attendant washed the back of my car with a kind of sponge mop.  

He was the only human who is part of the car wash operation. 
 Everything else was done automatically by machine.

I shifted the car into neutral and it moved forward on automated tracks.

The car passed through a separated blue rubbery partition. It was just like entering the twilight zone.

Water poured down from both sides and above, making visibility impossible. 

 Then, long tentacle-like rubber strips whacked the surface of the car, scrubbing it clean.

Soap and water poured down over my "baby."  Bye bye birdie poo. 

Kids would probably be scared out of their wits inside the car wash.

 It is sort of scary. The rubbery tentacles look like parts of a big, wet monster.  

 Then water sprayed the car, washing off the soapy residue.  

The invisible force propelled the car forward.  Trees ahead could be clearly seen.  

A final blast of air semi-dried the shiny, newly cleaned car. 

Here is one more thing for the gratitude journal tonight-----car wash.



diane.stetson said...

In So Cal the car wasb is 12 dollars...I have a two dollar discount but it usually goes to the guys who dry it off etc. I always use car washes...Rain makes is dirty again.

Bookie said...

I do use the car wash but it scares me that I will get the car stuck in there!!!

Thanks for the comments on my blog, Susan. I need to clear up about marriage. I MET DH at 16, married at 20. I don't know WHY I wrote that line..meant after half a CENTURY....

This morning at good old Walmart I found a new shipment of blue glass dishes. I bought two cereal bowls...no did not need them. But blue was so pretty and I could still see yours! Surely I can use these for something!

HOT again...will be books and videos this afternoon....

Nellie said...

We usually take the car to the car wash. I like sitting inside the car and watch the water spray all around it.:)

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Susan, I love you, darling, but I had the giggles when I read your temps were in the high 80's. Oh, oh, oh! That is heaven in my neck of the woods. Pure heaven!

I must confess, if The Man didn't wash the vehicles, they would be rather dirty. He mostly takes them through an automated car wash, but does wash Cloud Nine by hand, which includes climbing ladders and such. Whew! Glad I'm a girl!

Honey at 2805 said...

What a cute post! My car could use a wash but it's to hot to leave the house! ;)

Thanks for the welcome back after along blog break and hope you will join us for Potpourri Friday this week!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: I have one of those car washes too. The only difference is no human contact at all. Hope you are doing wonderful! Love you, Martha

Lynn said...

Susan, such a fun post. For us, usually hubby takes to the automated car wash, but to be honest if we are out in a heavy rain and it does the job, why not? Love the pictures, which are surprisingly clear from inside the car like that. I admit, I have claustrophic issues at times going through the car wash, which is why I don't take the car through alone. Just seeing those long blue spongy tenticles, makes me mildly shudder! Such a fun idea for a post. Especially when I am sitting reading it, in a wide open room, haha. Blessings.

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Maria Wegner said...

“When my car is shiny clean, I'm happy.”- It’s the same for me! I also love seeing my car clean all the time! When I was a kid, I enjoyed helping my dad clean our family car, but now that I have my own car, I prefer getting it cleaned by a full service car wash. There’s a car wash near my office and they don't just simply offer a car washing service but also polishing, waxing and even engine cleaning. It all depends on what services you want to get for your car.

Tyra Shortino said...

What I like about being in a car wash center is that I get to watch my vehicle being cleaned. I see the people there working on my car, doing their best to make it clean and shiny. Likewise, I also become amused of how their equipment works. It’s pretty cool! :D

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