Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks to the Lord for Bountiful and Fresh Fruits and Veggies

 At the supermarket this weekend, the variety of fruits and vegetables available astounded.

Deep scarlet and green peppers, bright green broccoli, rosy peaches, fat blackberries and much more  all vied for attention.

Many made it into the shopping cart.  

Even though it's still too early around here to get fresh produce, there is plenty of it available on supermarket shelves.

Once home, I pour hot water and a tad of dish washing liquid into the dish pan and wash everything well, rinsing in more hot water. 

With all the pesticides we hear about, I don't want anyone around here to eat poison!

 As I looked at the fresh produce spread out on a clean orange dish towel,  it made me think how lucky we are to have such beautiful fruits and vegetables to eat.

The Father is such an abundant provider. He not only gives us food, but He makes it beautiful, too. 

The lemons are sliced, put into a pitcher and then water is added. 

That way, there is always delicious water with a hint of lemon to drink, just inside the refrigerator.

Today we are joining Think on These Things on Lorraine's blog, With a Grateful Prayer and and Thankful Heart. 

Go on over and visit her blog to read all the other thought-provoking entries to this weekly party. 

Thanks, Lorraine, for hosting! 



jeanetteann said...

Yes we are very lucky. I have just eaten a crunchy yummy apple. Sweet and delicious.
I think my favourite fruit,(although I do like all fruit) is a nice pear. My least favourite is bananas. I can quite happily not have them. x

Rebecca said...

I, too, rejoice in the variety of fruit and veggies available....and also am a strong believer in washing everything VERY well :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Your post reminded me of a woman I once worked with who wished her mother in Africa could come to America to experience the variety of fruits.

Bookie said...

We all take our food for granted...can't imagine the shelves being emtpy. I wish we could all share with those that have none.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to go to the produce section! I think my favorite fruit is strawberries and my favorite veggies are tomatoes!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have a banana and an apple every single day. Hubby has been buying apricots lately. Lots of salads being consumed topped with feta. Yummo! Have a great day. Tammy

Lady Linda said...

The local fruit is coming into our little fruit and veggie stands here in Oregon. It's been a wet and chilly few weeks, so some delays here. My hubby cannot get enough local strawberries. I am waiting for the raspberries...I just love them! Jim likes blueberries. We planted 3 plants a few years ago and they are producing nicely. I love all the cherry and grape tomatoes too! We have a variety of them planted and they are finally flowering. Once they start, we have them way into fall.
The lemonade looks great.

diane.stetson said...

My favorite fruit has always been green apples..right from my Dad's tree when I was little. I still enjoy them with a dash of salt. As for veggies my very favorite is the potato..any way it is cooked.
We have fresh veggies and fruits year round here in California and I'm very grateful.

Nellie said...

Yes, we are truly blessed by the abundance around us.
Just a few years ago I began switching to organic products. We take care to use no pesticides on our own vegetable garden, and it just doesn't make good sense to purchase produce that isn't treated with the same caution. Even so, I thoroughly wash everything, even lettuces that are labeled "prewashed."
My favorite fruit changes from season to season.:) Our blueberries are about to ripen, and they will certainly become the favorite.
We also picked our first green beans from the garden yesterday, and there is nothing better than fresh green beans - unless it's a fresh tomato. Well, many people consider tomato a fruit.

Laurie said...

The Lord has truly given us an abundance of good food to eat, and I thank Him for the variety of tastes and colors. I'm not sure i can choose a favorite, but today it would be raspberries and sugarsnap peas!

Laurie said...
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Chatty Crone said...

I totally agree with you - I just went and bought all these fruits and biggies and I am so thankful - I am going to go out it on my grateful list. Thanks. sandie

LDH said...

Hello Susan! You warm my heart with every post you share and this one is lovely too! Lately, as I watch the news, I am astonished when I see many countries with so little food to survive and think of the abundance in my own home. It seem incredible to me that we aren't able to provide for the needs around the world.

I enjoy most fruits and veggies. Melons and berries, corn-on-the-cob...

I also enjoy lemon flavored water too :)

Thank you kindly for sharing on Think on These Things!

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