Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mansion Has Lovely Table Settings

 From time to time, this blog has mentioned Ventfort Hall, a huge, old mansion that was saved from the wrecking ball by volunteers. 

For a peek at the mansion at Christmas time, go  here.

There have also been Designer Showcases at the mansion. Check one out here.

The displays inside Ventfort Hall are constantly changing.

 Table settings are often elegant and resplendent with beautiful china, silverware and floral centerpieces.

Old silver sets are often displayed in the mansion as well. 

Feast your eyes on the tables in this post.

 Wouldn't you love to welcome guests to dinner at this table?

 Silk flowers now come in every shape, style and color imaginable.  They make fabulous centerpieces.

Of course, who could have a posh dinner without candlelight?

For more about Ventfort Hall, check out their website here

Anyone who is so inclined to donate toward continued restoration will find instructions on the website. 

Preserving old buildings is always a plus, don't you think? 



Ruth Kelly said...

How lovely! Those were the times. Now a days our youngsters don't use good china, table cloths and definitely not flowers and candles on the table. They don't even eat together.

Bookie said...

What lovely tables! I would love to set a pretty table but it is too hot here to cook! Would people come just to sit at a pretty table????? I wonder....

Lady Linda said...

You don't have to ask me that question! I always want every old building and home to be saved. This is such a lovely place and I adore the table settings.
I have 4 footed salts like the ones in the pictures. We got them in Victoria BC on our honeymoon almost 40 years ago. I treasure them.
Thanks for the beautiful post and pix.

Rebecca said...

This is SO lovely! I also enjoyed the simple, smaller table. Now that one is "me"!

diane.stetson said...

Lovely pictures..I think I am on the "wrong side of the tracks"...I use paper plates and napkins..Ha ha.

Dee said...

The small table would be my table of choice but they are all beautiful and I love dinner by candlelight although it very seldom happens. I totally believe in restoration although there are a lot of really nice reproductions being built.

Chatty Crone said...

I would love to come have dinner with you there! I do believe in the restoration of the past and history. Very lovely table! sandie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I definitely believe in preserving the past and think it is awful when it can be so easily tossed aside to lead way for the new which is not always better. So glad that this lovely old home was saved from the wrecking ball. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

Tjasa said...

Just found your lovely photos!
Thank you
Unfortunately the second floor at Ventfort was closed this summer by the building inspector because he is requiring an elevator. We are working on it, but it will take some time and so much money...

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