Friday, August 24, 2012

New Goodwill Flagship Store Opening

Woo hoo. Sound the trumpets for a new Goodwill flagship store in Western Massachusetts.

Located in the city of Pittsfield, about an hour away from Springfield as well as Albany, New York, it is a beautiful thrift store.

Open spaces, beautifully displayed jewelry, bright lighting, clean household items on shelves and on and on, make it a delightful place to browse or buy that newly found treasure.

A really pretty cabinet displayed a variety of items.

 It would look so cute in our house but, alas, there's no spot for it.

How about the sweet doll, shown below? 

  I thought she was as pretty as a picture but her price was a bit steep for my budget. She cost $50.

Mask anyone?

Who could resist the sweet little angel shown at the top of this post?  Unfortunately, I didn't buy the angel, left the store, changed my mind, went back the next day, and it was gone.  

Just goes to prove if you see something you want in a thrift store, buy it . "He who hesitates is lost" is definitely true when it comes to thrift store shopping.

Now this little gal below, believe it or not, is only about three inches high and she's sitting in a very tiny chair.

Besides offering good quality items to the general public, Goodwill also does a lot of good. 

They help people with job training skills and job placement.  Now isn't that a win/win situation?



diane.stetson said...

Yes I do have a huge Goodwill store near me. I donate to Goodwill though not buy through them.

Anonymous said...

It is a win, win! I love thrifting....and so does my hubby. In fact, we've passed on that love, the thrill of the hunt to our kids! Hey, maybe I'll pop in a thirft shop this weekend, you've given me the itch!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

We donate all the time too...forgot to mention that! Again, win, win. Nothing ever gets cluttered around here, a wonderful cycle of life.

Ciao again

Terra said...

We have a modest size Goodwill near us, but a flagship store sounds like even more fun to browse. That cabinet and the angel are great finds for someone.

middle child said...

Oh yeah. I can get to our GoodWill in about 7 minutes. In fact I went there late this evening to return most of the jeans I bought for the grandkids. Now I have a 40 some dollar credit!

Barb said...

Hi Susan,
We don't have Goodwill stores in Australia......we have Vinnies, run by the St. Vincent de Paul society to help fund their charity works. We also have The Red Cross and The Smith Family stores charity plus many other small charity stores raising money for hospitals and animal shelters.
I love browsing these second hand stores....and donating to them too.
I love the little teddy in the little chair.
Have a good weeBarb from Australiak

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

No Goodwill here. When I need to donate, I just give to the third country nationals that work here -- they are quite happy to sort through everything, keep what they want, send to family back home or distribute to people they know here. Makes me happy to pass it on. I have a similar angel like the one you posted, in green -- it sits in one of our bathrooms. :) Happy day to you! Tammy

Bookie said...

I see a place I bet you visit often now! Goodwill stores around here tend to be the best of the thrift stores...often they are as neat and organized as a nice department store.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Great stuff!!

Yes, I do have one near by but a bit out of my way so I will have to make a mental note to be sure to visit it!!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We do have a Goodwill Store nearby, but I don't usually poke around there. There is a thrift store up the street that I always go to. I prefer more glassware and dishes and our Goodwill has lots of clothes.

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I have two within two miles of my home and yes, I frequent them often to donate and buy. I have gotten a little more selective about my purchases otherwise I find myself donating them back!

Chatty Crone said...

We have about ten that I can think of - the closest is 5 minutes away and a new one open about ten minute away! And you are right - if you don't buy it when you see it - it will be gone.

I bought a desk for Andy there for $20 and it is fantastic and very sturdy.


Diann said...

How fun to have a new thrifting place so close. I bet you will be sharing a lot of new treasures!

Leann said...

Cool - great for you!

We don't have one nearby, but we'll be hitting one while we're out and about tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

We have a marvelous Goodwill store about five minutes from me. Woo-Hoo!

Dee said...

Great photos...what a nice Goodwill store...I am sure you will have many fun trips there. I have a huge Salvation Army store near me...I visit it about once a month. All kinds of goodies. :)

jeanetteann said...

we do have lots of Goodwill stores,but they are quite small compared to yours. They seem to be changing to mostly clothing too these days. x

Nellie said...

Yes, Goodwill has a store very near - just about a mile away. I have learned that "he who hesitates is lost" as well, but that hasn't helped me change my ways.:( Sometimes I return to find the left-behind treasure, and someone else has taken it.

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