Friday, September 28, 2012

"Oh where, oh where can she be?"

Remember that song that started something like, "Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?  Oh where oh where can he be?"

Well, I was just about singing it recently, except there was no dog.  Honey Cat was missing. 

She wasn't in the man cave.

She wasn't in the living room.

She wasn't in either guest room.

Oh boy. "Where, oh where has my Honey Cat gone?  Oh where, oh where can she be?"

Stepping into the "white" bedroom, where I had just  put on smooth, white sheets,  and a newly washed the rose-covered duvet cover, I spotted her.

She was curled up in the most comfortable spot in the house, sunk deep  into the duvet which encases a soft, down comforter.

She's definitely a creature of utterly unabashed, unashamed, totally decadent  comfort.

 "There you are, you little rapscallion," I said to her.  She barely moved a whisker.

"Honey? You are a spoiled princess of a cat."

She failed to utter even a weak "meow."

She did open her eyes very briefly but never lifted her head from the soft, down comforter.

It was as if she were saying, "Leave me alone, pul-eese. The Princess is resting."

Well, I guess even cat princesses need their beauty sleep!



Tammy said...

Cats sure know how to find the comfiest spot. My SIL is here and when she pulls out her bed every night, Jingles is right there to climb underneath ... we have to shoo her out so Hanadi can close the door. Jingles hates closed doors. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Unknown said...

Your Honey Cat is adorable, and she obviously knows her way around the house! Oh, by the way, that bed really looks cozy and beautiful!

EM Illustrator said...

She looks very cute and comfy where she lay =) Enjoy your weekend!

Susan Roux said...

Too cute! I'd like to cuddle up right next to her!

Linda O'Connell said...

Sometimes a girl just needs to curl up and look pretty.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Honey cat is a princess for sure! I would curl up on that lovely bed for a nap myself! Charlie loves to sleep on my bed but also in front of any window!
hugs, Linda

diane.stetson said...

I don't have a pet anymore but when I did have a cat for 18 years she always found the most comfortable place to rest! Your cat and bed are both so pretty!

Nellie said...

Well! Of course she would be in the room you had just freshly made! Didn't you make it up for HER?:)

Our cat is 20 1/2 years old and a "garage" cat, not a house cat. These days he stays rather close to the small space that is set out for him in the storage room that has a pass-through door for the times he may want to venture outdoors. There is a lower shelf on an old end table that has some soft cloths on it, and that is where he likes to sleep.

Dee said...

Honey cat is beautiful and so is your bed.♥

Carol said...

Rapscallion, indeed! That is the perfect word! I am going to be using it around here.
My cats also like the softest best place in the house. Usually on a bed where the pillows are stacked the highest over a pillow top mattress that is covered by a thick comfy comforter! Reminds me of the princess and the pea fairy tale!
I remember when Honey Cat was lying upon all the outdoor cushions that were stacked up and stored away.
You should check out my cat blog.

Chatty Crone said...

Boy did she look comfortable in that bed on that bedspread!!! Just leave me alone!

Disco sleeps under Andy's bed on the rug - why under - I am not sure.

Lady Linda said...

Hi Susan...what a cute kitty. I don't have any pets right now, but am a total cat lover. Both of my girls have cats and I love them. I miss having a kitty but we come and go so much any more.
Have a great weekend.

Kit said...

Our cat Sam loves the area right in front of a heater vent in the living room. He loves it so much, I put a little soft rug under the chair that he wedges himself under. All Winter long that is where you will find him. :) Kit

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