Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hope You Have a Day Filled with Blessings

Hello Dear Blog Peeps....

Please forgive me if I don't visit you for a bit. 

There is a houseful of company here, some overnight,  and I am cooking like a fiend.

Served a huge dinner tonight and am going to host a big breakfast tomorrow, with additional guests arriving in the morning.  There will be nine of us!

I feel like a cook in a one-woman bed and breakfast operation! Ha!

I'm quite tired as I've been busy from start to finish today. 

So I'll come to visit  as soon as time permits.

Today I hope good things will happen to you. 

Be happy!

It's autumn, a most beautiful season, don't you think?



Rebecca said...

I hear ya, friend! (We had our small group from church here last night (13) and today a few of my extended family for Sunday dinner. It was carry-in last night--my contribution was a frozen pumpkin dessert and coffee. Today I've made the entire dinner. The only thing I "worry" about is the timing. Especially hard given church all morning.

Enjoy your company and don't freak out :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Make memories and enjoy!

Nellie said...

Susan, I hope you will enjoy your company! I love getting ready for people to come. It does take a lot of my time, though.

The best thing to happen to me today is really a rather mixed-blessing sort of thing. We happened to sleep much later than usual as we were in need of catching up on rest after a very busy past three days of being away. So, sleeping later was a good thing. The unfortunate part of it is that we were too late to make our usual Sunday School class attendance, so we will be going to worship only today.

I send along the best wishes for your time with your guests!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Enjoy your company and then rest! I am so happy to be here with my Mom today!
hugs, Linda

Susan said...

...where to I go to make a reservation for your B & B! Have a wonderful time with company and yes, enjoy this magnificent season of color. XOXO

Unknown said...

Take care of your guests, Susan; we will be here when you have time to visit us!

My best thing always on Sundays is the opportunity to worship with fellow believers in a loving and comfortable environment. Our pastor is excellent at explaining Scriptures that might be confusing, and we are most blessed to have such a man to preach to us. He also sets a wonderful example for the rest of us, which just makes it even better! Have a wonderful time with your guests! :-)

Shirley said...

Don't forget to sit a spell and enjoy your company. I'm sure they won't mind helping themselves to a good cup of coffee while you sit. I love your pumpkin..with so many pumpkins being decorated I forgot how pretty they are. Your's is beautiful. Enjoy any free moment you can..

Bookie said...

Oh, you will be tired but you will have fun on the side. Enjoy it all while you have it!

Chatty Crone said...

Now I know you are busy - lol. Girl you have fun with your company and don't you worry about us. We will still be here. You don't get to see them that often so go for it.

And I know you are working hard - take care of yourself.

Love, sandie

Kit said...

Have a wonderful time! Enjoy your company. Kit

diane.stetson said...

You love every minute of it have a ball! I went to a great piano concert today. It was heavenly..that was my afternoon..

Red Rose Alley said...

I love this picture of the bright orange pumpkin. Yes, Fall is here - my favorite season! I think the best thing that happened to me today is that I cooked a spagetti dinner and I am ready to eat, YUMMY. I hope you are enjoying the Fall days, sweetie.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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