Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let Them Eat Dessert

There's an expression I heard once that goes something like this:

"Live life to the fullest. Eat dessert first."

Now usually, I skip dessert all together because of constant battling life-long weight problems.  

Last week we had special guests, our son and his lovely wife,  visiting from out-of-state. 

The final nice meal I worked hard to make needed to end with a dessert, a grand finale, so to speak.

One of my "boy's"  favorite desserts is brownies. (He's obviously no longer a boy in age but, to me, he'll always be "my boy." Call me a mom who doesn't like to let go. ha!)

He also loves ice cream but has trouble digesting it due to lactose intolerance.

So luckily, I found some delicious lactose-free vanilla ice cream in the supermarket. Had to hunt a bit for it  but eventually found it.

I baked a pan of homemade fudgy brownies. 

The dessert for all the guests consisted of a brownie topped with ice-cream. Then, I added a drizzle of chocolate syrup, a squirt of cream from a can and a few pecan halves.

Well, as simple as this dessert was, all the guests raved about it. They thought it looked and tasted gourmet!

Now the guests, brownies and ice cream are all gone.

From this point on, eating dessert first will be just a dream. 

After this life ends, hopefully, I'll go to heaven.

There, dessert will be consumed anytime one wants it, without adding one morsel of fat! 

And if a person wants seconds, all she has to do is ask!  Woo hoo!

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Terra said...

What a good mom you are, to bake the favorite brownies and find the right ice cream for your son. I do love baklava for dessert.

Bookie said...

Oh, that is how I want to next life too, Susan!!!!!

Lorraine said...

My favorite dessert.... ALL of them!

A teacher once told me the way to remember dessert is spelled with two S's is that we always want 2 desserts.

And, your brownie-ice cream creation looks delicious!

BECKY said...

OMG, Susan! You're killing me here! All this scrumptious looking food here and also in your pumpkin post! I've got to go to bed before I start scrounging around in the pantry!! :)

jeanetteann said...

oooh,lovely,a little indulgence Now and then never hurt anyone, Must try this one next time visitors arrive. x

Nellie said...

Well, now - just about anything chocolate is my favorite, and I'm ready for one of those delicacies you served your company!:)

Have a great week-end!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks yummy! I used to be lactose intolerant but pretty much outgrew it somehow -- seems it happened after I had the kids. Ever once in a while I will have an episode but nothing like when I was in my 20's. I believe in eating dessert -- especially if it is homemade. Best wishes, Tammy

Susan said...

Dear friend, I'm right there with you in dessert heaven!! Brownie sundaes are a favorite around here too, but lately, I've been dreaming of a lemon-meringue doughnut...think I can pull that one off?? We'll see, XOXO

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love dessert and unfortunately I look like it! My favs are carrot cake and cheese cake!~ oh now I'm wishing I had some! You are such a good Mom and I still call my youngest 'baby girl'...we are Mom's we can do that! hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

I am like most, and enjoy dessert greatly, although I have to be very careful these days since I'm a diabetic. However, we do not have to avoid ALL sweets, and a bite of something really scrumptious once in awhile is fine! I think my very favorite is a brownie pie or peanut butter pie with a chocolate crust. The peanut butter pie just melts in your mouth, so surely it can't have too many calories, right? :-) Oh, you may also have noticed that the word "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards! That's because a good dessert can relieve lots of stress! :-)

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

You ask very hard questions, especially this one. :)

Merlesworld said...

I like apple crumble or peach pie in winter ice cream in summer, your looks good and not too hard most are, oh I don't mind a good pav loaded it lots of yummy fruit and not too much cream, I could think of more, better stop now.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Gosh Susan, there are so many desserts I love. In the fall, I love all kinds of pies. In the summer I go in for the cold desserts like ice cream. Mid winter, it's cheesecake and regular cake. Springtime it would be all the fruit that comes out along with whip cream. Ok, now you've got me wanting something sweet. said...

Oh is that so yummy your dessert.

I bet they loved it you good Mom and any guest that you invite.

Can we borrow you for the night.
To make this hands on dessert.

diane.stetson said...

I love any kind of pudding and especially love apple pie!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness Susan - you are a girl right after my heart! I love desserts, but alas they don't like me much! sandie

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