Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Poem

 It's pumpkin time in the USA
And lots of fun both night and day.
 Jack-oh-lantern is their other name
Whatever you call them, they're the same.

Pumpkins in the fields 
And pumpkins in the pie.
Squirt a little cream
So delish, oh my.

Carve their little faces
Make a great big smile.
Put 'em on your porch
For just a little while.

Decorate with pumpkins
In the house, if you are able,
Like the little guy above
Who decorates a table.

Happy Pumpkin Month, everybody!



Lady Linda said...

Oh I just love your poem. I love fall and poetry, so how perfect. I love to put pumpkins around the house, here and there. I use white ones in my tearoom and my blue bedroom. Jim and I usually each carve a pumpkin for Halloween night. We missed it last year. He likes to roast the seeds.
Thanks for your faithful visits to my sweet of you. I don't know how you offer so many lovely blog posts each week! I do enjoy them.

Linda O'Connell said...

Pumpkin-pumpkin round and fat, turn intoa jack-o-lantern, just like THAT!

Ruth Kelly said...

Cute - love the poem and your pumpkin.

Karen Lange said...

I don't decorate them but I do buy a few to have around for the fall season. Also have a bright yellow mum on the front porch, courtesy of my lovely daughter in law! :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Merlesworld said...

Hi Susan,
Pumpkins are not a big thing here, at this time of year we are warming up or should be, it's a bit slow this year. Mangoes pineapples and all the tropical fruits are in the shops. I love all the varieties you have, it's pretty much butternut and standard pumpkin here and the way you use them to decorate is great. Your poem is sweet.

Susan said...

You put a big smile on my face--I know Kelly is smiling too! Your poem says it all:-D

Nellie said...

What a nice poem, Susan! I'm much too late today checking in with your blog.

When the girls were younger, we always had a jack-o-lantern in October. That is the only decorating of pumpkins we have ever done.

Chatty Crone said...

HAPPY PUMPKIN MONTH to you too. Yes we do carve pumpkins every Halloween - our church sells them and then we carve.

diane.stetson said...

I have a fake one on my front step right now...ha ha ha.

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