Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tale of the Little Pumpkins

After finishing all the fall and Halloween decorating around the house, there was still something missing. 

I had seen a row of little pumpkins decorating the top of a front porch door entryway and wanted to do that here.

"No, you have enough decorations out," a voice in my head told me. "Any more and it will be overkill."

Still, the thought of little pumpkins lining the doorway kept jumping into my head.

While grocery shopping, I found some little pumpkins that fit into the palm of my hand.  

"No, don't buy them," said the voice.  

"Awwwww, go ahead," said another voice. "You live only once."

I was  so glad to hear the second message and popped the net bag of mini pumpkins into the shopping cart. 

Once home, getting them up to the top of the front doorway turned out to be challenging. Hubs wasn't home and anyway, he'd probably be unhappy about my buying more pumpkins. 

So, this was a job that I had to do myself. I hauled the step stool out onto the front porch.  

With the pumpkins in one hand and trying to balance myself with the other, I carefully put each pumpkin up onto the  ledge at the top of the doorway. Whew!

They look so cute and there are no regrets for having bought them.  

Plus, I'm very grateful I didn't break my neck  putting them up on the doorway which makes them even a more special holiday decoration. 



Kit said...

They look fantastic! You know I have no idea where the name comes from. You? Kit

diane.stetson said...

I am going to guess from the native Americans who showed us how to plant them..just a guess.

Susan said...

They add the finishing touch--Perfect! My daughter actually had to do a report in 4th grade on where pumpkins got they name--the early colonists from England changed the name from pumpion to pumpkin when they came to America. I also know that carved pumpkins, which first appeared in England and Ireland were used as lanterns and associated with the harvest here in America! I have one of those freakish memories for trivia and my family fights over me when playing Trivia Pursuit, XOXO

Rebecca said...

What a sweet idea, Susan. Glad to hear no necks were broken in assembling this display :)

Unknown said...

You are one courageous lady, and your display is beautiful---happy and welcoming! I do not even change light bulbs in the house if climbing is required! It's great to know the history that others have posted, too. Thank you for cheering us up every day! :-)

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, they are adorable!!! Maybe you can keep them up there until Thanksgiving!

For Christmas? Mini wreaths? It is such a pretty and unique space for holiday decor.

My neighbors have been lining their driveways and porches with pumpkins. I should have grown some --- as they are a bit spendy to get in quantity. One neighbor, though, used cute little pumpkins to line a small section of the space between the road and her (auto) gate. It was so cute! I think maybe I should head to farmer's market and buy some pumpkins. I think our mail lady would like some decor by the road, don't you?

Enjoy a happy and wonderful day! Love your ideas!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

They look so cute up there!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

I like the little pumpkins up there. I think they are super cute.

Nellie said...

They weren't originally called pumpkins. I remember teaching that in 3rd grade - think they were something like pumpion, perhaps.

I think YOURS look absolutely perfect above your door. What did Hubs think? It makes me wish I had a ledge like that for pumpkins.

Bookie said...

These door pumpkins are darling, Susan. We have just finished a trip through Kentucky and Indiana where I saw so many lovely pumpkin scenes. I will tell you about them when the laundry is done!! :) Meanwhile, I will just enjoy yours!

Chatty Crone said...

So you hear two voices - hmmm - what the heck that is okay - because they were so cute. Good job.

They may have been originally called plump-kins as they are plump - and it go t changed to pumpkins! What do you think?

Merlesworld said...

They are sweet little pumpkins, I always understood pumpkins came from Ireland and they were used as cattle food but this was only one variety, I don't know how they got their name.

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