Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pilgrims and Turkeys, Oh Yeah

All the Halloween decor is now packed away and stored in the attic.

Pilgrims and turkeys are arriving daily from beneath tissue paper in boxes.  

They already made the trip down two flights of stairs!

When I saw Mr. Pilgrim, he had lost one of his feet!  But never fear, I found the boot wrapped in tissue. 


Hubs glued it back together and Pilgrim is as good as when he first came off the Mayflower!

There's a maple nut candle burning, too, and the smell is divine. It's like being in the middle of a gigantic pancake, covered with real maple syrup!

The turkey shown in this post is special because it was my Mummy's.

She loved decorating to the hilt for every holiday. 

She died in 2006 and I just know she watches down on us from the other realm of life.

I think she's happy to see her old gobbler on our front hall table!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love my little Pilgrim Salt & Pepper shakers that are from the Publix grocery store commercial. I don't know why, they just make me smile. hugs, Linda

Susan said...

My paternal grandmother collected salt & pepper shakers and there is a restaurant in Midway, Kentucky that Kelly and I use to go to that had them displayed on shelves. I love that you're paying homage to Thanksgiving; all the retail stores here have Christmas out wrong!
I love the turkey and the Pilgrims, XOXO

La Tea Dah said...

You are inspiring! I am afraid that I took the lazy way out this year. My decorations are my miniature pumpkins. They worked in October and are still doing their job in November! I suppose I'll have to take them down for December though, eh?

Bookie said...

Everything looks festive, Susan. My pilgrims are looking a little battered, little blemishes here and there. But that is okay...Plymouth Rock character, I think! As I age, I enjoy Thanksgiving more than some of the other holidays...less commerical and simple thanksgiving for all things.

Nellie said...

I've a ceramic turkey made by the same person who did the lidded pumpkin that was on my blog several days ago. This turkey always has a place on the mantle.

Have a wonderful Saturday, Susan!

xo Nellie

Ruth Kelly said...

I have just one little salt and pepper shakers that I can decorate with that looks like Thanksgiving. You are blessed with so much.

Unknown said...

I have a small cornucopia that I always enjoy displaying. I have been able to find miniature veggies and fruits to put into it, and it reminds us of our bountiful blessings. Love your pilgrims and turkeys, Susan!! I'm sure your mother is watching and smiling. :-)

Kit said...

Oh what a sweet turkey and memory. I too love to decorate for Thanksgiving and have many many glass turkeys. Lots of orange pumpkins and bittersweet too. :) Kit

diane.stetson said...

I love Mom's pilgrim magnets that she made me with brooms hanging on my refrigerator.

Chatty Crone said...

I love my little set of Pilgrims = the salt and pepper shakers too! Love your decorations too Susan - you have so many wonderful things. sandie

Dee said...

I love turkeys.....your colors and decor spell thanksgiving :)

Nancy said...

I love the pilgrim statuettes you have on the table. They are so cool. I have found it difficult finding pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. I have one set, but am looking for something smashing.

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