Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas: A Season of Anticipation and Delight

 Just like a kid, the thought of getting presents makes my heart pound fast.

So you can imagine how exciting it was to get a text message telling me there was a bag of presents hanging from the mail box, to go out and get them, and then open them!

They were from one of my sisters and she wanted me to open them right then and there, rather than wait for Christmas.

Faster than one of Santa's reindeer, I flew out to the front porch and got the bag.

Inside were the three presents shown at the top of this post.

One was a beautiful red tablecloth with matching napkins.

Another gift was a cute red holiday dish in the shape of a poinsettia.

And last, but by no means least, was a small cup with lovely designs, including  birds, on it. 

It's for a tea candle, which was also included.

Loved the presents, one and all.

And as if that were not exciting enough, another gift came in the mail that same day.

 It was inside a large, white envelope.

 It will ensure several weeks of splendid coffee in the morning. 

 It was from a dear friend who must know I love this coffee.

Christmas is a season filled with anticipation and delight.



Hindustanka said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me in my blog too:)
Well, I have got a present from my friend so far, a nice sweater:)
Rest, I'm giving away some hand made gifts.I like giving more than receiving. Merry Christmas!

jeanetteann said...

How nice to get an early surprise. We have put our early presents under the tree,to open tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas x


As louças em porcelana iriam ficar lindas na minha cristaleira, rsss
linda surpresa e dicas para deixarmos sempre o ambiente harmonioso, parabéns pela postagem!

Lorraine said...

Just have to stop by real quick to say Merry Christmas to my dear Susan blogging friend! Hope the days are extra special!

Susan said...

I did finally get our tree up...with the help of my grandson. I haven't done much baking while waiting for a part to fix my oven--yes, it went out again, but at least the service man could detect the problem. I feel the excitement watching our grandchildren's anticipation...and yours, XOXO

Chatty Crone said...

When you get gifts at different times - it makes the Christmas season last longer and longer which is nice.


BECKY said...

Oh, Susan! I LOVE that cup with the birds on it. It is so unique and just adorable! Merry Christmas!

Glenda said...

I also love your lovely cup and the other gifts you received as surprises! I think my strangest surprise this year came when, after I had donated a practically new coat to a local drive, our daughter gave me a new coat this past Saturday! It is a lovely color, and I know that I'll enjoy it, but it was a total surprise to me! Have a wonderful Christmas, Susan! :-)

Nellie said...

What wonderful early presents, Susan! My sister baked me a delicious mince meat pie which she brought with her gifts on Monday!

diane.stetson said...

A wonderful surprise was having my grandsons , son and daughter in law overnight to see my tree and decorations and have a wonderful time together...I loved every minute of it.

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