Friday, February 1, 2013

Tale of the Rose-covered Tablecloth

For several years, we lived in the southwest. 

We were close enough to the Mexican border to make shopping trips to a Mexican city.

I used to love going, never knowing what treasures I'd find.

 Several street merchants sold the most beautiful floral tablecloths you can imagine.

So many times I bought those lovely cloths. Some of the time I had in mind to give a cloth as a gift. 

Other times, I bought them for "moi."

No matter how many dozens upon dozens of time I washed those tablecloths, they came out beautiful and guess what?  They never had to be ironed!

Most came back to the east coast with us, including a round one with beautiful pink and red roses.

Problem?  It's for a round table and we no longer have a round table. Our kitchen table is now rectangular.

So for several years now, the round cloth has taken up space at the bottom of a shelf until this week.

 I retrieved it from storage and put it on the rectangular table. It worked!

My daughter and son-in-law bought me a beautiful set of Bavarian china, with red and pink roses,in a Goodwill Store. 

 The final combination. along with some lovely rosy napkins and a votive candle or two,  looks kind of pretty, don't you think?



Glenda said...

I have used tablecloths at various times, and do have a few nice ones, but just don't normally get them out these days. If I had one as lovely as this one, though, I would have a very hard time keeping it in a drawer! I also love those dishes! As I have mentioned before, anything "Rose" will always get my vote! Such a lovely table you have set!

Lady Linda said...

Your tablecloth is just so pretty! I LOVE it and your dishes. I just love pink and roses anything!
I have a round table and I do use tablecloths. I need to make a new one. I like long tablecloths,so I have to make them...yards of fabric.

Hindustanka said...

Hi, Susan!
I liked how you decorated your table with all those flowery patterns. The Mexican tablecloth looks awesome! Yes, we do use them too, and I always like to purchase another cute one :)

Marta said...

Hi from Spain, i like your mexican tablecloth. I have some tablecloth but your is very elegant. Keep in touch

Leann said...

Squeal - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diane.stetson said...

I have the same tablecloth and dishes Susan..aren't they just wonderful? Love them!

Susan said...

Very festive and fitting for Valentine's Day. I use smaller tablecloths all the table to accent my 7-foot farm table in our dining room. I have my grandmother's crochet table cloth that barely covers, but "it works..." as you say! Beautiful setting; I'm heading over:-D

Chatty Crone said...

You table cloth and the rose dishes go wonderfully together Susan. Do you use a table cloth every day? We use one once in awhile. I should use them more often. What a nice set your son and DIL got you. sandie

Merlesworld said...

Lovely tablecloth, I have two table cloths that I use at christmas time, we sit outside and eat a lot or in front of the tele in winter.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Very very pretty, Susan!

rebecca said...

I SURE do (use tablecloths)! And I love your cranberry glass vase. It is grand.

Nellie said...

Yes, tablecloths often cover our tables, particularly seasonal ones.

My sister is a great fan of roses! She would love your tablecloth and china!

Tammy said...

I only use a tablecloth because I don't like the dining table I have. Honestly around here, it just collects dust -- and Jingles always sits on it in the middle of the night so then there is cat hair all over it. :/ Looks like that is a pretty big tablecloth. Very pretty! Have a great day. Tammy

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I use tablecloths about half of the time "in real life" -- but LOTS of the time in the tablescapes I do at My Place to Yours.

Your tablecloth is lovely, and I'm glad you've put it back into circulation. :-)

Dee said...

another amazing collection....(sigh)

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