Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Vignette

 Two adorable old-fashioned porcelain children are among my favorite knick knacks.

It just seemed right to add them to the front hall table Valentine vignette. 

They are so adorable.  I stood them on top of a rose-covered box which makes a pretty good look-out.

There are also heart-shaped plates on holders, adding to the festive red and white theme.

 Lots of red doilies are on the table, too.

There's a glass heart-shaped dish on its side.  One of my sisters painted one-stroke roses on it.

I love this glass heart!

There are still lots of Christmas candy canes leftover from the holidays so they are on the table top, too, available to anyone who wants a sweet crunchy snack.

The red and white canes match the color scheme!



Glenda said...

Oh, I just think that red is such an alive color! When you think about the beauty of a red sunrise or sunset, they are the most amazing of all! I love your hearts and the red/white theme for your home during this season. Since my hubby's birthday is on Valentine's Day, I always do something special, like baking a heart-shaped cake, and we both enjoy that!

Bookie said...

Wow, you are ready for the next holiday..everything looks nice and cheery!

EM Illustrator said...

Looks very nice and decorative :)
Enjoy your week!

Lady Linda said...

Good morning Susan! I never used to like the color red. My mom dressed me in red and then when I had that color thing done years ago (remember that?) I wasn't supposed to wear red unless it had more pink tones in it. So, I kind of took red out of my life. Now I really like it, especially for holidays. I love clear red glass. You have inspired me, maybe I'll do a blog post on it.
Anyway, I love the painted clear glass heart in your photos. Great blog!!! YES, time for Valentine decorating!

Merlesworld said...

My bedroom is painted red, it's always bright and cheery but it is a left over from my son when he lived at home he always had the bigest room because he always had more stuff than anyone else, he still does but now it's in the shed his wife does want all of his stuff just too much.

diane.stetson said...

I do love the color red. My raincoat is red, I have red sweaters and even red slacks..I have gorgeous red roses on my dining room table right now. Enjoy your Valentine decor..that holiday is coming soon!

Nellie said...

Red is such a cheerful, upbeat color! Our everyday china has strawberries on it, so red is part of our daily life!:-)

Our snowman decorations are still in place for awhile. It will be fun to pull out the Valentine things in a week or two.

Your porcelain figurines are darling!

Susan said...

Hello Everyone!

I would like to welcome this blog's 346th Follower. I don't know his or her name, but the blog is Encourage One Another. Check it out.

And thanks so much for following!

Hope you all had a pretty good Monday and that Tuesday will be even better.

Hugs to all, Susan

Jennifer said...

I love all of your Valentine's pieces! You're right about the cant canes...I never thought of that before. I love the color red for it's beauty and power. When I was a teenager everything had to be red or peach. I've branched out a little since then but those are still my favorites.

Bella said...

Hi Susan,
Love your sweet vignette, the chidren are adorable:-) I have never used red myself, but it has the happiest of memories to me beacuse it was my Grandmothers favorite color, so it always makes me think of her:-)

Linda O'Connell said...

I love red tops, sweaters, and I also love that plate with one stroke roses. This is a cute display. You should be an interior decorator. Oh you ARE.

Dee said...

You always have the best holiday decor....I agree with Linda O about being an interior fun would that could decorate homes for the Holidays:)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love the color red and love your read doilies

Chatty Crone said...

I love you red Susan. I think red reminds me of life. Red is the heart. I like the blue red better than the orange red. Very nice decorations.

Bedana said...

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