Monday, February 4, 2013

A Yummy Birthday Bash

 It's Monday and a new week has begun. 

Time to renew promises to eat sensibly in order to lose weight, right?

Well, you'd better move on away from today's post as fast as your fingers can fly across the keyboard.

Yesterday I went to a birthday brunch at one of my sister's houses. 

She is a fabulous cook and prepared a brunch to honor her husband's birthday!

Whoa doggie. Talk about a fabulous buffet.

The bagels looked fabulous:

 Everything I tasted, and it was by no means a little of everything,  was delicious. 

Much of it was homemade by the "hostess with the mostess.

Here's her sour cream coffee cake was studded with a walnut/cinnamon streusel:

 The fruit salad shown at the top of the post had luscious raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, melons, coconut and oh,  it was too delicious for words.

There were banana muffins, too:

She also had an egg casserole with dried tomatoes that was quite tasty.

Shown right below  is olive oil on the left and Lebanese zatar (a mixture of wonderful spices) on the right. Pita bread triangles are dipped into each. Yum!

The birthday cake came from the Cheesecake Factory and brought a new meaning to the word decadent.

Here's a close-up of  a piece of the Godiva double chocolate cheesecake.

 So if today was the start of a new diet, so sorry to tempt you with these photos.

However, I have to say, the birthday bash was quite delish.  

It also was great inspiration to hit the treadmill.  

I hope the birthday  boy will have many more birthdays in the decades to come!



Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Mercy me that looks divine and, yes, a bit sinful. ;) I love brunch but don't get a chance to eat it much. Love me some quiche.

Susan said...

I love a delicious brunch and this fits all the parameters I look for:-D Start a diet another day, XOXO

Rebecca said...

Now THAT was an AMAZING birthday brunch/bash! We've not stocked up on fruit since returning from our short trip out of THAT fruit bowl was extremely beautiful to me.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad that you celebrated the birthday and ate. I can't stand when people don't eat when you go to a party. Good day to start the diet and fresh fruit is just the same. sandie

Nellie said...

What an amazing array of goodies!

My favorite brunch food? Now, that's a difficult one to answer. A good fruit assortment almost can't be beat, but there needs to be quiche - and scones, as well.:-)

Glenda said...

Oh, my! So much lusciousness you had at that bash!! I absolutely cannot choose a favorite brunch dish, as I usually love an assortment of everything, including that sinful cheesecake you pictured! I agree that you needed to take advantage of the variety you were offered....diets will always be there! And anyway, "diet" is a four-letter word, and we're supposed to avoid those, right? :-)

diane.stetson said...

Yum yum yum...everything looked just divine...wish I lived closer I would have been right over. Wonderful spread and wonderful pictures too!

Jemma said...

Oh Susan, you have done us all in with this fabulous brunch!! Such great photos!! My favorite brunch dish would be champagne salad-a lovely mix of awesome ingredients and no champagne!

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Oh my what a feast. No more food for you for a week LOL. It always tastes nicer when someone else makes it.
That cake with the yummy centre looks so good. Thanks for visiting Susan. xx

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Yum, Yum!!
My brunches are usually eggs and grits, but I could enjoy the chocolate cheesecake and fresh fruit would be nice too! I like your brunches better than mine :-}}

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Susan! How funny that you were writing about a decadent birthday brunch and I was writing about eating healthy. I didn't review The China Study because I haven't read it yet. Guess I didn't make that clear. I bought it in Dubai and started reading it -- got to page 36, but then got home and didn't read anymore. Plus, I was reading it while waiting at the airport and drinking wine at the same time :) so need to start over and refresh my memory on what I was reading. HA! The good thing is that the information is written so that it is easy to comprehend -- no medical mumbo jumbo. As for the foods available at the brunch, I would have had a little bit of everything. Except for maybe the bagels as I don't really like really bready things. A banana muffin and some fruit salad would have been enough for me. And, of course, a small slice of the cheesecake would have been necessary, too. Everything in moderation, right! Have a great day! Tammy

Lorraine said...

Look at all of those yummy foods! Very nice :)

Dee said...

WoW a birthday lucky girl....I would eat everything. :)

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