Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello and Welcome to Chocolate Lovers' Heaven!

Hello and happy Saturday!

Today we are going to go on a very "sweet" tour of a wonderful shop called Catherine's Chocolates in a little New England town, Great Barrington.

Oh boy, this is a place to make chocolate lovers swoon.

Lucky the person, young or old, who gets Catherine's chocolates and other candies in an Easter basket.

 Inside and outside of the store are both decked out for Easter. 

Right from the time you park your car in the side lot, you feel welcomed by the tulips and bunnies in the snow-covered planters and the big wooden bun bun who comes out every year.

Inside the store it's, well, it's chocolate lovers heaven, that's what it is.

They make the chocolates right on the premises.

Here is one of the chocolate  makers, Erika Eigen,  preparing dark chocolate  in which to dip walnuts. Mmm mmm mmm

 You can see the candy making through a large window! 

Can you imagine getting a box of creamy, lip-smacking chocolates for Easter?

Or an over-sized egg, stuffed with yummy goodness, like the one shown at the top of this post?

Bye bye, Catherine's.  That was a "sweet" visit, to be sure!

By the way, I have no affiliation with Catherine's what, so or other and did not get paid for this post.

  (Admittedly, I did scarf a couple of darling little chocolate bunnies that were left in the samples dish.)

I just love going there, especially at Easter time.



diane.stetson said...

See's candy stores are plentiful where I live. There is also a wonderful candy store in Dana Point.
Cute pictures of the one in Great Barrington!

It's Just Dottie said...

Oh! How I would love to visit that chocolate shop.
Smiles, Dottie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would have eaten way too many chocolates for sure! Beautiful displays! No chocolate shop near me and that's a good thing!

Diann said...

Oh, this would be a very dangerous place for me! LOL

Dee said...

I am drooling....what a wonderful candy store...I swear I can smell the chocolate.

Glenda said...

Oh, my!!! Dark chocolate is my very favorite kind of chocolate, and I have been thrilled to learn that it is actually good for us! Antioxidants are plentiful, and that's good enough for me! I DO have to be careful, though, as my diabetic self would eat WAY too much if I listened only to my mouth! The closest candy maker to me is 45 minutes away, and that's probably a VERY good thing! There is a Russell Stover store, but they don't make the candy there, and it is also over half an hour away. It's good that my self-control has a bit of help from distance and gas prices! Eat a good dark chocolate yummy for me, Susan! :-)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: this store is very nice. Stunning. I like all the decoration on the street and inside the store. Everything looks delicious. I have a favorite store near my house. The cakes are always fresh ... Keep in touch

Jemma said...

Sorry to say but my mouth is watering!! This post has me in the mood for some chocolate! And I can see that Catherine's is no ordinary chocolate! The town I grew up in has Florence's chocolates-they were always the best, my favorite was a haystack!

Great post and pictures!

Kit said...

Wow! Everything looks wonderful! Kit

Nellie said...

Just about a 15-minute drive will give me access to some wonderful chocolate! I actually try to forget the store is even there!:-)

Chatty Crone said...

Girl of all earthly things - I like chocolate - can't help it I just do.

So this is right up my alley.

I was pretending that the snow was cotton! lol Very pretty place and I bet it smelled good.


Lady Linda said...

Oh Susan....I can hardly stand it. I can just smell the chocolate! What a fun post. Love the bunnies in the snow!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like a lovely place. Hmmm ... chocolate and walnuts. We have a place here called crumbs that has the best cakes and cake pops. Yum! I don't like the local chocolates here because they don't taste anything like real chocolate. Looks like the snow on that day wasn't so much. Hope things will begin to warm up over there. Best wishes, Tammy

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