Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prancing Through the Apple Orchards

What could possibly be better than visiting an apple orchard  on a beautiful fall day in New England?

The answer?  Visiting three apple orchards all in one day.

Yup, that's what one of my sisters and me did recently.

It was a day that was blessed with glorious weather.  

The temps were perfect, the sun shone like liquid old and fluffy white clouds skipped around the blue skies .

While I love buying apples for munching, plus to make future pies, bettys and coffee cakes, I also love to see what other products the apple orchard gift shops carry.

At the various orchard stores there were other kinds of fruit for sale as well as maple syrup, jams, jellies, Cabot cheese from Vermont,  hot coffee or cider, and on and on.

Cider donuts  being made (shown at top of post)  filled with air with tantalizing aromas. 

One could wash down one of the delectable treats with freshly squeezed cider.  Yum!

So Sunday was a perfect day  here in New England, in more ways than one. The western Massachusetts orchards visited in this blog include Lakeside, Bartlett's and Hilltop.



diane.stetson said...

Macintosh...yum yum. I also love Pippins and Granny Smiths...I kinda like the more tart ones. I remember climbing my Dads crab apple tree and eating them with a little salt...oh the memories. I still LOVE apples ..they are my favorite fruit and I would love to go to all three of those orchards.

Bookie said...

My new favorite is Honey Crisps! Would love to have been with Vermont cheese!

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

I so wanted to spend our fall in New England this year, but The Man put his foot down and said not that far, so we're in the Smoky Mountains. But one of these years, God willing, I'm coming to New England for fall.

Susan said...

Prancing is good--I miss that about living in New England, XOXO

Chatty Crone said...

I like gala and honey crisps.

DANG - I wish I was able to go with you to those apples orchards.

We have some really nice ones here too and I just love going. Having a doughnut and juice. Good memories.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like apple. Your suggestions are very appetizing. Keep in touch

Mary Clewley said...

Oh my goodness, those donuts look so good. I love the cinnamon donuts. I also love new england in the fall. We visited 2 years ago in October, and stopped at little roadside markets and bought fresh cheese and homemade bread and apples. It was so fun and so beautiful.
My favorite apple is Gala.

Diann said...

One word.....YUM!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

We love apples and my fav are Galas! Looks like so much fun!

Angel said...

Sounds awesome! And I am officially jealous. :)

Nellie said...

I actually have different favorites for different uses. I like to use Golden Delicious for pies, Granny Smith for applesauce, and Gala for just plain eating - though Mutsu are at the top of the list when they are in season.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Nothing says autumn quite like apples, does it?

Right now I really like the Gala apple.

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