Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Which Witch?

 Somehow, a small bevy of witchies has joined the menagerie of Halloween creatures decorating our home this year.

Only one of these was purchased because we try to refrain from buying any Halloween decor. (There's too much as it is. ha!)

The little bobble-headed witch, below,  came from the dollar store and was the only one bought with my baby granddaughter in mind. I thought she'd get a kick out of her and she did!

The rest of the witches were mostly "inherited" from a sister who was going to literally throw out a slew of decorations she no longer wanted.

When she shouted, "Out, out, out,"  I saved a bunch of small scarecrows, wreaths and yes, several sweet little witches!

This little witch plate sits on the a table in the hall with several other decorations.

The trio of witch "sistahs," shown at the top of this post and below, now adorns the front porch.

Then, the entire bottom of this little witchie, below, is actually a glass bottle. Clever, eh?

 One of my favorite gals  is this pug nosed witch. I think she's absolutely adorable.

So there you have it-----the witches who have joined the scarecrows, ghosties and other assorted goblins at our house this year!



diane.stetson said...

I like the pugnosed one which is last. Very cute witches though ...all of them!

Lady Linda said...

I vote for the bobble head! It is sooo cute and perfect for your little granddaughter. Cute batch of pix Susan.
You are all decorated for the season.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you collection of witches is great. You have some very adorable witch. In my house I have also a little witch. Keep in touch

Linda O'Connell said...

The little bobblehead makes me smile. reminds me, I'd bettr dig my decorations out this week.

marianne said...

I like the 3 sisters; that could be me and my two sisters, ha ha.

You look like you are quite ready for Halloween; I decorated my front stoop yesterday, but mostly in an autumn theme; I do have a spooky black cat among the pumpkins and kale. Haven't taken out any of my witches yet. Better get moving as the "bewitching hour" is coming soon!

Nellie said...

Oh, that last little witch is SO cute! I think she is my favorite!

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

The pug nose is too cute, although I'm not a witch fan in real life. :)

FYI, my blog address has changed. I'm already having a few regrets, but I hope I don't lose touch with my blogging friends who may have trouble finding me now.

The new address is href=""

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

I may have flubbed the address paste. Here it is again, Susan. If you want it on your sidebar, still, you'll have to save the new one and get rid of the old one. Yeah, it's a mess. :(


The Old Parsonage said...

I love the trio. Reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus with Bette Middler and Sarah Jessica Parker!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think the witch trio is my favorite also! So darn cute and welcoming!

Chatty Crone said...

You know I don't believe in witches. And I don't like bad ones./ But I have to tell you I love good witches - especially like these. They are so cute - I could take them all!!!!

I bet your house is so cute.

Love, sandie

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